25 thoughts on “Sadhguru 2017 – Start saving time NOW!”

  1. The Video-Description showes why most people need Sadhgurus help: Do you really have to "Save" Time? Now?!?! xD I never read such a misguided want-to-be-spirutual-message. Just be now. Dont save any time for that, this will just take you away from Now. If you are able to do that there is no more need to "save time now" for a Guru-speech…
    Save time Now…Absolut fantastic xD

  2. can we download videos from youtube here(sadhguru's videos or any of youtube videos for that matter) or do we have to watch it only while using internet data. Please give me a straight answer as i understand there are alternate options as well . YES or NO .Thank you .

  3. Vey interesting point, humbly recommend these precious seconds. Starting at 5:00 A well established mind…… On through 5:58 Manifestation at it's finest!
    Something to 'remember and do our best to practice' Lets use our Physical, emotional, mental, energy and take action in a desire…It will happen, even with out lifting a finger. That is faith!

  4. Guru business is a racket that spouts mundane drivel as if it were pearls of wisdom. It's utter nonsense, muck spewing forth from a broken sewer pipe. This guy is a one-man show, claiming wisdom, but essentially peddling his seminars and book.

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