20 thoughts on “Roy nelson highlights 2015”

  1. well seeing this skill and power in his stand up makes me think that Kimbo must have had more striking talent than most give him credit for, since big country always took him to the ground.

  2. I'm no MMA expert or fight expert by any means, but why don't his opponents who are all clearly in better shape just let the fat fuck just punch himself out. Once he's out of gas then pick him apart. That's just my observation, I'd like to see old Roy here punching like that in round 5 but of course, all these clips are from the first round so I've no idea maybe he's got the stamina, but I doubt it.

  3. Dana put it best; the "ultimate underachiever". Dude definitely found his place in the ring. And to you assclowns complaining about the track, it's vids like this that get artists discovered, fkn twats.

  4. ohh damn, 4-5 years ago he was actually one of the most dangerous in the heavyweight division.

    Nelson representing beer drinking fat truck drivers. Just that unlike a lot of overweight people this dude is actually athletic inside that fat.

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