Roger Federer vs Stanislas Wawrinka – SF Australian Open 2017 Highlights HD

Roger Federer vs Stanislas Wawrinka – SF Australian Open 2017 Highlights HD Raz Ols.

by Raz Ols

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46 thoughts on “Roger Federer vs Stanislas Wawrinka – SF Australian Open 2017 Highlights HD”

  1. 16:30 if stan had hit that shot the way he wanted to this whole championship could've gone quite differently. He was so frazzled with that fuck up that he self broke that game and lost the match off of it

  2. I think that you should try to give a little more even highlights. Your videos seems to favor Roger quite a bit, and Wawrinka was still playing close. I think your videos are phenomenal, but you might consider adding some more highlights for the opponents, especially in closer matches.

  3. Stan should close the net when he pounds that BH cross court against Fed. Fed chips the ball back in the middle of the court and it would be an easy volley. He should develop his net game in order to win them points.

  4. There was something wrong with Wawrinka when he meets Federer he affects mentally and psychologically
    No strong strokes which he play it a lot vs Djoko and Nadal but vs Federer alot of short balls and a lot of unforced errors
    the break point in the 5th set was a double fault on his serve ! he played with just 10% of his level vs Federer

  5. Wawinka have played shit. He is the better player, normaly he have to win. But against his friend Roger he don`t want to win, he have presented him the win. It is the same as Williams vs. Williams.

  6. It is true that Roger is the greatest. Nadal, however, is in his head.
    Nadal is just one of those "bad matchups." Again, Fed is the greatest of
    all time, but he will not win the Australian Open final, set to start
    in about nine hours or so.

  7. Holy cow i can't believe Federer is playing so good again he looks 10 years younger and his training must have been exhaustive. He is even coming to the net, and the angles on some of those passing shots are out of this universe. I have to give the edge to Federer in the Finals vs Nadal. It's on baby…

  8. Roger needs to win the first set at all cost on Sunday or Nadal will run away with the match. He'll also need to find the level he showed against Berdych to make it competitive.

  9. If Federer wins the final and reaches the final of Wimbledon and semi of the US, chances are he coukd be number 1 by years end. If Nadal wins here and wins the French, chances are he could be number 1 by years end. Nadal would need to win the French though. He could go to 16 slams. Or Federer could go to 18 or 19 slams. Federer's serve was a bit off here. I wonder about his back. Probably had alot of tennis the last two weeks and wasn't used to it.

  10. As much as I love him, really disappointed in the level of sportsmanship from Fed this match, Multiple net clip winners that costed Stan the point and never any apologies, Also when facing the last break point in the 5th, he was purposely hitting the ball high and abusing Stan's injury, whereas Stan on the other hand even asked Federer to challenge a call that lost him the point

    Roger may of won the match, but Stan was definitely the player of the Match

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