Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal Australian Open 2017 Final highlights

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NOW – BEL19VE !!! Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal Australian Open 2017 Final highlightsRoger Federer vs Rafael Nadal Australian Open 2017 Final …


45 thoughts on “Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal Australian Open 2017 Final highlights”

  1. What a match! Federer has clearly changed his backhand strategy.. Slices have been replaced with a powerful backhand and it's clearly much harder for the opponent to return it. It's worked wonders in Indian Wells too!

  2. came here after watching 2014 ao match highlights,, federer backhand has improved exponentially ,, he played like wawrinka a bit on that wing ,,he was like 80% of wawrinka on backhand in this match

  3. Perhaps the greatest player of all time; but not the strongest.We have to admire this guy of 35 years old To win aGrand Slam tournament.But other in the past were stronger than Federer. How many games Federer would have won against Bjorn Borg playing with old Wooden rackets ??Very, Very few

  4. During the last set when Nadal is starting to feel Federer's resurgence, his only strategy was the same as through his all career against the swiss. Keep trying with high balls to his opponent's left hand. This time it did not work out. Federer"s left hand was unexcelled.

  5. Also, why did Rafa stand so far back on the second serve return? During his previous two matches, he camped on the baseline to take the second serve, stepping into the court as soon as the opponent hit the second serve. It's what helped him beat great servers like Raonic and Dimitrov and even Zverev. In this match, he started off playing that way, then he just went back to standing about 8 metres behind on the secon serve. It's so infuriating. He would take the serve from the stands if he was allowed to. The idiot.

  6. Rafa lost so many points he could have won if he simply came forward. He is so stubborn. Most players lurch forward on a floating ball. Not Rafa. Rafa moves back, giving his opponent more court. The idiot.

  7. ROGER FEDERER, today your GREATEST FAN would like to admire u in just a few words.
    "When I see you, Roger, it always reminds of a great sculptor named Michelangelo.And when I see you playing artistic and beautiful shots then it just feels like Michelangelo decorating the Sistine Chapel with frescoes"
    "In the end, I would like to just say that:-
    "Remember one thing Roger that you are not waiting for Grand Slam trophies, the trophies are waiting to be in your hands".
    Wish u a very good luck for your 19th Grand Slam.

  8. most of these points just seemed to be a battle of who can hit the ball the hardest. where's the switch up of pace, volleys, slices? some of the points just seemed like mindless hitting—wonder if nadal was always thinking strategy?

  9. Roger win unfair with medical time-outs and pure luck. By an marathon you cannot take a medical time out. Djokovic is the real best of all times. Rogers slam-wins from 2003 til 2006 against weak opponents means nothing for me. Only Djoko have dominated every player of this world in his prime.

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