Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal – Australian Open 2017 Final (Highlights HD)

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43 thoughts on “Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal – Australian Open 2017 Final (Highlights HD)”

  1. Wimbledon : you have tradition, all white attire, grassFrench : Clay (need I say more) U.S: bright flood light, skyscrapers and the atmospher Australian : crazy fucking tennis rallies
    Think of Nadal:Djok battles Wawrinka making his markTsnoga:Djok And I'm no statistician, but it always feels like more 5 setters here

  2. "Roger Federer" a Deer in tennis court …the most beautiful backhand in tennis history, more beautiful than even pete sampras' backhand ..yes it is .. /Respect&LOVE/

  3. É muito simples entender a diferença entre Federer e Nadal, e hoje isso ficou mais claro do que nunca, é a técnica, habilidade e genialidade versus uma maquina, Nadal não tem nada de especial ele só sabe rebater a bola para o outro lado com extrema eficiência, parece um robô jogando, isso funciona muito bem mais quando o físico já não é mais o mesmo fica difícil vencer quem é bem mais completo e habilidoso, o futebol é a mesma coisa quem não tem tanta habilidade precisa muito mais do físico para se manter no nível requerido para vitórias.

  4. if only nadal can serve like federer and pull off a serve like at 11:06 more often than not, he may actually have a chance. Otherwise roger is too much for him, even though they went to 5th set because roger's game improves the longer the match goes compared to others

  5. Great video and shot selection "SamTennisVideos". Well done! Beats watching it live where you have to watch changeovers and ads and listen to some pretty awful commentary. Thanks so much.

  6. Not sure if it's Federer that has improved that much or if it's Nadal that's declined that much.

    Either way, I'm glad that finally this rivalry isn't as one-sided as it used to be. (Though I think it'd still be as one-sided on clay)

  7. Take a look closer at the initial/last official photo.
    Initial: Federer looked serious, Nadal looked happy (he thought it was an easy job)
    Last: Federer looked happy, Nadal looked serious (he realized it wasnt an easy job)

  8. Hands down the BEST tennis player in the HISTORY of tennis..Federer is the undisputed G.O.A.T…that volley at 22:35 was the greatest volley ever..and roger hit one of his MANY short hop volleys to win the point down the line..NOBODY makes that pure talented shot like Fed..He is simply magical

  9. Still think Rafa had him in the 5th. Pull him wide to the forehand with the lethal forehand down the line or backhand crosscourt and then go after the single handed backhand. The world is waiting for another dream final with the two legends of all time-Vamos!

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