Roger Federer on court interview (SF) | Australian Open 2017

Roger Federer following his progression to the final of the Australian Open 2017.

by Australian Open TV

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23 thoughts on “Roger Federer on court interview (SF) | Australian Open 2017”

  1. between rafa and roger its really difficult to say who is the best player of all time two legends of the games not only on courts but of courts as well they are very good freinds to such a plesure and a privilege to see them .to me they both are number 1 of all times

  2. Rafael Nadal ranks at number 9 this year and won against Federer in AO 2009. Roger Federer ranks at number 17 and will win against Nadal in Australian Open 2017? We all know it's a difficult match for Fed to win. Just BEL18VE signs are real.

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