Rick Levine Astrology Forecast for August 2017

Red Alert! The Great American Total Eclipse of the Sun is upon us. “…and the Sun has perished out of heaven, and an evil mist hovers over all.” (from The Odyssey by Homer). The cosmos…

by Rick Levine

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30 thoughts on “Rick Levine Astrology Forecast for August 2017”

  1. NOTE TO ALL: as I have said before, I welcome comments that disagree with what I say. Just play nicely. Talk about points. Share your perspective. No mean posts. No name-calling. Ocrazydoz has offended too many times. I told him/her: "You know… if i came to your home as a guest for dinner, I would not shit all over your white table cloth. You are here as my guest. And you are shitting in my space here. You have abused your right to post here. Good bye." We must learn to get along, even through differences of opinions.

  2. Incredibly boring. You have to be an astrologer to dig deep enough to guess at what he trying to say. And, the last time we had a very serious nuclear situation was the early 60's. not late, that's when we went to the moon. Rick is old enough to remember both.

  3. Well that was great. Watched the 2nd half of August again, waiting for September's to get up on the web. Is there any way you could do these as live streams? Anyway, had forgotten how powerful the Hopi vision you shared at the end was. Given that we now have a flood of epic proportions in our 4th largest city — seems clairvoyant that you chose the river imagery. Ah well, looking forward to hearing what's coming up in September astrologically and what you see in it. Thanks, Rick.

  4. Isn't it weird how people who support Trump and believe that he is totally right have no idea how people on the left can't see that fact while people on the left believe the exact opposite? Atheists always say that if we didn't have religion, then we would have no more wars, but that is short sighted.
    Even if religion never existed, people would still have a "belief" about something. Therefore, conflict. As long as people have any kind of "belief" about ANYTHING (politics, environment, animal rights) there will ALWAYS be conflict.

  5. I watch this on u tube on my phone so have no other way to reach out…From ARIZONA…So I heard Sheriff Joe and Donald have the same birthday, different years. Since both are black hearted swine I wondered what planets they might share. Don't know hour of birth.
    Sheriff Joe just turned 85

  6. Rick: Id Like to Give Your Site For Some Gudence And encouragement Of Whats Going On In The Heavens, Yes Your Right, It's Ok To Disagree,No Point Of View Is wrong Or right Just Different. With Out The Valid Facts, With Valid Facts to Back It Up, It Stands Mre Room For Considration. No One has to See It My Way, but I Like to Learn From Others.Howevert Respect is Allways Someting Never to Forget On Any Ones Site. For All On Your Site. Peace Out! Gemini Tarus Moon. Keeping Out Of The Generalitys Of Signs, With Out Looking Into Any Ones Full Chart Is A Good Way to Keep the Conflict Off Your Site, and Keep It Rational, Mature and In Good Will, This Is How It SeemsYour Site Is All About! This Is Wise!

  7. Hi Rick, I just found your videos and I'm tremendously impressed. Its rare to find an astrolologist with such depth of knowledge and life wisdom.

    Question…..do you offer astrology lessons for a few by chance?

  8. During the Eclipse I was in a place with so much cloud cover we saw nothing, it never got dark,
    However as it approached I felt such pressure in my head and the onset of a headache that never happened. I then remained dazed and confused for quite awhile. Suddenly all was normal again. Can you answer why this would happen? Rasa

  9. Hi, How would you find out if you were born during an eclipse? (Either a solar or lunar) Thanks! I've been following you for a while I love your work and interpretations… you are a good teacher/lecturer !

  10. Mr. Levine, I realize this YOUTUBE came from the great Northwest, Seattle. I also understand you and your audience feelings about Trump, his Ascendant and this Solar Eclipse. However, the man was LEGALLY elected for the very reasons you are pointing out the downside to his chart. The populace felt we NEED a person who is brave (LEO), aggressive (MARS), bombastic, pro-active, and a leader to fight the sludge and swamp that has invaded our political landscape. I have been doing astrology for my family since 1972. This does not make me, by any means, an expert. But I have noticed most of the astrologers on YouTube and on the internet in general are letting their bias override the big picture. The Moon's Dragon Head or North Node is the foundation of any eclipse interpretation. OUR POTUS is under attack and has been since he took office. This is will not change. There are those that will deny us the democratic process of a free election and this and this alone will cause the civil problems to come if there are any. He will continue to take flack again and again only HE, this man with this chart, could continually take such absolute abuse and endure if he did not have these configurations. He thrives on and uses this. He uses the little red laser light on the media quite effectively. We will see what comes from tomorrow's eclipse but I am hopeful the POTUS will keep WINNING and BIGLY!!

  11. i had an interesting thought listening to this talk. as someone who has fallen in love with the study of the shadow government; and the number one supporter of president trump; when i heard the phrase "the king must fall" ; i wondered if "the king" is the elite, shadow, bankster cabal; powerful men who control the world behind the scenes; such as george soros. it will be interesting to see how this plays out during the eclipse. thanks for the astrology lesson.

  12. I think Trump to some degree is a reflection of humanity. A pathological narcissist I mean a clinical definition of a narcissist, not the pop version of narcissism. A wounded infant, stuck at the infant stage of development. Like the collective human race, as someone else said. We are like a child like banana republic despot with a gun. Compare humans with the other kings and queens of the jungle the lions and elephants and you will see what I mean. How majestic and at ease those animals are compared to humans. How much growing up we have to do.

  13. Thanks for mentioning this video on your daily Planet Pulse, or I might have missed it! Also, thanks for the reminder to look for eclipse effects locally, as it is all too easy to get caught up in the "news cycle", which is definitely being effected, but then miss the stuff in the backyard. I saw some backyard stuff last night, for sure! Keep an eye out for when you are experiencing negative emotions, and then check yourself, before you speak or act. Rick, you are just a gem! Keep on shining!

  14. Your recent videos seem to be focusing more on the specific movements of the planets and less on your insightful and illuminating explanations of meaning. I wish you had spoken more this month on the symbolism of eclipses and of the 29th degree of leo. What is the impact of the shadow? I will have to research elsewhere for my answers. Love.

  15. Question, Rick why is the Temperance card with Jupiter ruled Sagittarius? Everything in moderation, nothing in excess but Jupiter means 'too' which is abundance extremes. I don't get it.

  16. This solar eclipse and 7 years later in 2024 solar eclipse paths clearly shows God wrath and anger at USA. Both eclipse put a cross out mark on The USA. God has spoken!!! USA, UK and Israel with NATO and Jewish UN/NWO are war criminals and responsible for genocides of millions of Muslims and none Muslims throughout history. You western Jew and Christians were never intended to win but to be tested with wealth and power also it was a wake up experience to all nations to destroy war, colonialists theive monster. In the 40 years of western imposed wars on Afghanistan Everyday 100's of Afghans get killed, disabled, orphaned, widowed, addicted in USA drug businesses, emigrated and loss everything forget about psychological and lost of opportunities and other ascpects. Palestinians, Iraqi, Syrian, Yemenis, Libyan, Africans natives of America Australia and Middle Eastern and whole of Asia can never forget or forgive you.

  17. Very good presentation. I like the "down to earth" quality of the explanations. Rick, you must have Mercury in an Earth sign? Or, air? Great!!! Loved it.

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