20 thoughts on “Represent.Us 2015 Strategy”

  1. Ironically, gerrymandering, which is redrawing districts to gain partisan votes, can be considered corruption, and was used by Republicans to win seats in Congress, and pushed electoral votes from Gore to Bush.

  2. We need this in Australia. Australia is run by the Australian Zionist Federation. They are the biggest contributers to our government and is the reason why we are Israel Allies in war. its so sad that there is such a small amount of views on this. The biggest problem today is the peoples lack of interest. These elites learnt long ago to keep the people breathing.. human nature only up rises when they are hungry. us humans suck

  3. Cops suck. They protect their masters in the political class and
    selectively "enforce" the "laws" on the peasantry.

    Pigs are the exclusive means of ALL political corruption.

    A proper application of the 2nd amendment is the ONLY way meaningful
    change will occur. Many people, like those at Represent.Us, find this
    irrefutable fact distasteful and want to believe in rainbow unicorns,
    elves, and fairies instead. The truth still remains. All political power
    comes from the barrel of a gun.

    Copsuckers disagree.

  4. So, since the "Anti-Corruption" laws have been passed in different parts of the country, how many politicians are in jail now? How many have been arrested by the government henchmen, aka "police"? None? It's weird how that works, isn't it?

  5. @Represent.Us This is an awesome movement and I have REAL hope for it! I have a question for you though. Let's say the anti-corruption laws pass in many cities and states (I really hope they do, and think they WILL). How do we know that these future representatives elected (to the federal level) without corporate money, won’t give-in to the big lobbyists offering lots of money? After all, the BIG money is at the federal level. So once the “for the constituent” politicians get to the federal level, who is to say they won’t give in, to the big money they are faced with? I love this idea. However, the federal part (I feel), is a more difficult problem. Do you think the current plan will succeed at a federal level?

  6. An election will not do anything but give them more time. Meaning taking more time from us. Look around at all the people fighting for their lives because they do not make enough for the ridiculous cost on everything. They expect us to work more rather than make more. So more taxes can be pulled from us. Without our consent on where or what it pays for. Look past the checks, bills, taxes, insurances, and so forth and so on. Why do they refuse to make things better for us? Because they have a choice to make us or them. They chose to keep their profit rather than allowing us to optain a profit. Les people with profit more people overwhelmed by finances means less competition. Get the jiff… Things will never change for US. itll only get worse. Wake up people and realize how chaotic our way of life has become. Theres a reason its hard to acquire anything without a loan anymore. More bills means less profit less profit means less self progress.

  7. I'm not from US but for me on the outside locking in I feel that there is on gigantic flaw in the US political system.
    You are locked in to a system that have only 2 political party to vote for.
    And i think that spreed both political corruption and feeling in the public that they cant do anything about it. Perhaps that makes them think it is meaningless for them to go and vote.

  8. And what's to stop lobbiest from getting their hands on your virgin politicians? Corruption isn't going anywhere its always been around since Kings and Queens. The only time when we're going to see true governance is when the all robot congress takes over in 2120

  9. Wonderful and refreshing, lets take our Republic back! Maybe focus on my hometown in Orange County or the one I just moved to, Houston. Thank you for your work and I hope that we will join you to make a difference as upstanding citizens

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