Relive the 2015 Global Citizen Festival UNLEASHED by T-Mobile

The 2015 Global Citizen Festival featured performances by Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé and Pearl Jam. With special guest appearances by Ariana Grande, Common, Tori Kelly and Sunidhi Chauhan you don’t want to miss out. Subscribe to the Global Citizen Youtube channel as we release exclusive backstage and special content from the day.

Take action at for you chance to be part of these amazing events creating real chance for those living in extreme poverty.


20 thoughts on “Relive the 2015 Global Citizen Festival UNLEASHED by T-Mobile”

  1. 4 . common core common dull , absent of thought.. not able to think and create for self 5 . gender what?? since when.. women are still , people are still not equal.. " divide and conquer" name of the game.. 6. poisoning you since 1954 😉 and why is it banned by most countries in europe?? 😉 … breaking news Nestle sued for continuing the storage and use of california's water even though their lease expired 27years ago.. hmm , 7. clean limitless energy since before 1913.. think tesla think Orgon energy.. other wise we could of been of it all a longggg time ago.. , why havent we? $$$$$$$ and so much more..

  2. I am so pleased with these comments which are anti new world order and anti bullshit. People are now awake and can see thro this trash. Who the f cares about global citizen when ppl are still suffering everywhere. Does Beyoncé reli care about the refugees who have been pushed out by CIA Isis??! She couldn't give a f. She and her husband just bought themselves some 100 million dollar yacht with 7 restaurants on board. And she cares?! Give me a break. These people have sold their souls in exchange for fortune and fame. Anyone who disagrees with their new world order trash such as those like MJ and Martin Luther king etc were killed and ridiculed mainly cuz they spoke the truth. These days liers and evil scum bags are put on pedestals. Beyoncé only cares for herself. Screw the new world order and their satanic system. We don't want it. F off global citizen and ur one way shittage.

  3. As if these entertains care to eliminate poverty lol. If you want to eliminate poverty, remove the money printing press from private and government hands.

  4. Pure NWO propaganda and junk for your mind. Break free people, you are not free. They have you under control. A man that is trapped and doesnt even know it will not look for a way out.

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