Realm of Souls | Full Horror Movie

Kings of Horror presents: Realm of Souls

A group of filmmakers set out to investigate 13 of the most haunted locations in Georgia with the goal of collecting supernatural footage to use in their next horror film… They never returned. Together they had investigated many haunted locations without incident until they venture deep into the infamous area known as The Devil’s Tramping Ground. What they unleashed was an evil that lies deep within an ancient site of unholy terror. Lead by Chase, the director, the group of eight actors, filmmakers, and crew have become a family.

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22 thoughts on “Realm of Souls | Full Horror Movie”

  1. this movie was damn near 2hrs and it wasnt interesting or scary. in fact it was terrible. the plot for the movie was good but they executed the production very badly. it was WACK af. so wack that it put me to SLEEP. please upload better movies. . or just stop cause this is ridiculous.

  2. Kim is correct about the freeze. Actually a half decent film. However, when it comes to director plot/storyline. Groups driving out into the middle of nowhere can get repettative. Don't blink – Lost woods, (movies). A bit like the SAW carry on really.

  3. Ho anyone think the so call king watch what he or she upload before they post it.And these butt holes that think because something is free it can be awful or we should be happy it's free let me say being free do not stop the fact u can have some pride in what u do . Plus who ask them to upload anything I should be happy with a flick with no title or has no end how about a filter that stop u from seeing certain sense no u have it wrong real horror over want to enjoy a good horror not hundreds of plan 9 from outer space I had to get this off my chest being a hater has nothing to do with it watching real horror do

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