40 thoughts on “REAL LIFE HEROES | 2016 | Try To Watch This Without Crying | RESPECT”

  1. My message to every individual I'm not even calling you out as a whole cause there are all kinds of people. As an individual even if earth truly becomes Hell as it is becoming with bad people on the increase and all kinds of bad stuff happening, just be that one person who will do good to everyone no matter who they are, just too good please, for the sake of life itself….. :'(

  2. Why everytime they write without crying you don't have to cry over these amazing moments these are the moments of joy ,moments of real love that is hidden inside veiled by anger hate and regrets , these are the moments to see for a moments what is the meaning of life so don't cry feel joy and pride and thnks almighty to send us on this beautiful planet to feel and enjoy reality to learn , love is truth and truth is love and these are true loving moments … and remember you yourself is God just find it inside its called love

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