Razer Blade 2017 – What has ACTUALLY Changed?

Today we revisit the Razer Blade… not much has changed over the 2016 model aside from the CPU so is it worth the upgrade? Learn more about Toshiba OCZ VX500 (Sponsor) – http://bit.ly/OCZVX500…

by HardwareCanucks

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29 thoughts on “Razer Blade 2017 – What has ACTUALLY Changed?”

  1. You keep bringing up to Dell XPS 15 … I didn't realize they put a 1060 in that????

    The only XPS 15 I see on Dell's site has a 1050 in it. Even if the 1060 is only an incremental step up, you have to fucking draw the line somewhere: the current desktop standard is the 1080 Ti, and you're already seeing those in laptops. I feel like you have the fuckign draw the line somewhere and say no way in hell should anyone be investing in an i7 6700+GTX 1050 in the year 2017.

    The 2018 models should be interesting, with 8th gen i7 hexa cores and 1060 Max-Q. But I wouldn't buy a 1050 in late 2017 at new prices.

  2. You already addressed the reason I haven’t bought this laptop yet and I am in the market! The Bezels, you never mentioned the loudspeakers but the last loudspeakers wasn’t that loud at all. and I would like a better webcam.. but knowing Razor they’ll be changing $6000 US

  3. I think we need smaller bezels, 8th gen CPU and if Volta comes out in 2018 we need that too and also we need a nicer feeling keyboard and touchpad, longer battery and the fans need to fixed I think its time for a new cooling solution and laptop design ,and uhh Dolby Atmos would be really nice,and YES the option for an i5 and i7 or a 1050ti or 1060 so we can get cheaper we need more laptop configuration combinations also the ability to switch from GPU to Intel HD Graphics so save power

  4. Why is bezels such a big deal to many people? I'm upgrading my lenovo ideapad (i play games on it) to this. Hoping they go on sale after thanks giving though :).

  5. obvious point to make, at 2:21 you missspoke. the razer blade has as much storage expansion capability as the XPs 15, namely a single M2 NVME compatible slot.
    but more important, calling the XPS 15 a gaming laptop is a joke I think. insufficient cooling and paltry 1050 does not make it a gaming laptop. and for consistency, people make fun of the razer blade 4k or 3k panel because the 1060 cannot play at that resolution; yet, the same people cannot stop praising the 4k panel in the XPS which has a 1050 GTX graphics card mind you!

  6. add more exhaust on the side and more heat sink, redesign the heat pipes, and there is more. intel coffee lake has been released and this processor and maybe this new gen processor makes more heat or more cool??

    using max-q maybe more good enough

  7. I have the 6GB 970m variant and I love it. The only reason I never bought a gaming laptop in the past was the inability to upgrade the GPU at it's price point, but my dream laptop (14" Blade) was the first to introduce external GPU via Thunderbolt. I am waiting for the days I start hearing…."SLI-ghtly larger than a dime" and "1.5x the battery life" oh and "Gel-cooled and fan-free"

  8. I bought the 256GB option on my 2016 Blade Stealth because I knew I would upgrade the SSD to an aftermarket performance part and there was no option to buy the device without a hard drive. Thankful I didn't have to waste money on a 512GB unit.

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