35 thoughts on “Rangoon | Official Trailer | Shahid Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and Kangana Ranaut”

  1. I dont get it why is everyone criticizing the trailer. It was always clear its gonna be love story set during the war time. I am still very excited for this movie. Vishhal Sir never disappoints.

  2. I think the plot is somehow similar to water for elephants..i knw the settings were different bt the story felt the same..
    Anyways Shahid is back with a bang..i luv Vishal bharajwaj's movie & when he cast Shahid in it,he becomes my hero..:)
    waiting eagerly..!!!!

  3. And to all those saying they thought this was only a war movie – the movie team kept saying it was a love story so I guess you guys are complaining becasue you guys ASSUMED on YOUR OWN what it will be!
    I can't wait…There are many people (at least those I know) who want to go see a love story with a back drop of war. Plus this is JUST the trailer – Picture abhi baki hai mere dost!

  4. Trailer is simply never seen before. nothing wrong with love triangle.VB earlier said the film is about love triangle set against WW2 backdrop.Music will be huge and everything is excellent. Great movie coming this feb. #waiting.

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