Range Rover Velar 2017 first look

This is the Range Rover Velar, a sporty new SUV from Land Rover that will compete against the likes of the Porsche Macan, Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe and …

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47 thoughts on “Range Rover Velar 2017 first look”

  1. Test drove one. Seating position is much lower than my Range Rover Sport which I don't like. This is like a coupe rather than an SUV. But having said that it looks pretty hot. Something about the rear styling doesn't quite work though.

  2. Wait a minute .. compete with Porsche Macan (check) , BMW X6 (the fuck?) and GLE coupe (huh?). How is it competing with any of those two? Surely the Range Rover Sport is competing with them.. not the Velar? Isn't the Velar much cheaper?

  3. What I dont understand is why people dont mention months instead of seasons . It will be available in the UK in summer ? If i live in Chile , how the hell am I suppose to know when that is ? Is it too hard to say "it will be available In June" ?

  4. how would this compete with X6 and GLE, they're in a different size bracket. Pretty sure people looking at the X6 would not even consider a macan, its tiny in comparison.

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