R I P ♥♥ Dog Maggie WORLDS OLDEST Dog DIES ♥♥ 2016

♥♥♥ Maggie the Kelpie, an Australian dog that was possibly the oldest canine in the world, has died.♥♥♥

Owner Brian McLaren, a dairy farmer in Woolsthorp, Victoria, confirmed the news to The Weekly Times.

“She was 30 years old, she was still going along nicely last week, she was walking from the dairy to the office and growling at the cats and all that sort of thing,” he told the newspaper, adding that the dog has started deteriorating two days previously.
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At the age of 30, Maggie was over 200 in human years, and a contender for the oldest dog in the world


20 thoughts on “R I P ♥♥ Dog Maggie WORLDS OLDEST Dog DIES ♥♥ 2016”

  1. I never knew a dog could live that long. I wish my dogs would live that long. I have 4. I have had a lot of dogs in my life but only up to about 15 years old. Nice video!!

  2. I don't mean to be mean but she was 30 in dog years and 200 years old in uhh human years? I think that's wrong or something because my dog died when she was 9 in human years. And I think it's 56 years in dog years. Or I might be confused. Is it that the dog is 30? In human years. And in dog years it's 200. If it is I'm pretty shocked. Wish my dog could live for that long. Sorry if any of you guys think I was mean.

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