19 thoughts on “Qualcomm partners with Audi and shows off powerful new automotive chipset”

  1. THIS IS HORRIBLE!!! WTF?!!! Nice giant screen 3 feet away from where you should be effing looking!! Yeah, this will be great when the rich person hits someone and they're like, "yeah, I wasn't talking on my phone, I was looking at the 23" screen by my knees"… I can't believe they are allowing these distractions in cars.. And the software tracks the face to make sure you're not getting 'distracted'… WTF?!

  2. I dont want a vehical that can tell on me,people are so small mind…You gotta see the bigger picture,first thing officer's are gonna do i pull this data..Do you own the data or the cops…

  3. This is great and all but it isn't that new. The only advantage it has over other car "tablets" is that is a little bit more fluid. When this comes out I really want to see how it stacks up against other models and generations.

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