PREY Ending / All Endings (PREY 2017 Ending)

PREY Ending / All Endings (PREY 2017 Ending) This is PREY 2017 ALL ENDINGS that include Escaping Early, Solo Escaping, Escaping with the Group, …

by RabidRetrospectGames

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47 thoughts on “PREY Ending / All Endings (PREY 2017 Ending)”

  1. What i want to know is, If this is just all a simulation, did Talos 1 really happen? it talks about Morgans memories in the typhon. So were they just playing you through what Morgan did, and what he did "in real life" was blow the station up killing himself
    or was it ALL made up? is there no Talos 1, was there ever a Talos 1?
    But if there WAS a Talos 1, why the hell did so much go wrong. why did the escape pods fail etc.

  2. Also, notice when you do the "escape early" its looking glass V 3.1 and they say "start over" and when you complete the game its looking glass 3.5, so is probably a few years later worth of testing before they find the right one

  3. I didn't want to do the self destruct, becuse there is no way All the people I saved would fit on that tiny tiny shuttle, and I thought self destruct would be instant.

  4. Honestly stupid. If it wasn't its own memories but actually Morgan's, of course it wasn't going to matter in the present because the alien has its own memories. The "Kill them all" makes sense.

  5. The ending is pretty straight forward, I'm much more confused by the whole simulation layering this game does. What exactly was the point of the first simulation in the game? Why would Morgan be testing different neuromods over and over when there was a bunch of "volunteers" on Talos 1 to experiment on? Is there any significance to Morgan not having any abilities at all at the beginning of the game? What I found perhaps the most confusing is that in one of the e-mails, it is mentioned that they've wiped an entire division's memory, presumably to keep up with the simulation cycle. I forgot which division this was exactly, but what was that about. The original simulation Morgan is "trapped" in clearly can't be limited to just the one day, since it is mentioned in multiple places that Morgan was moving around the station while remembering nothing (not knowing who Mikhaila is, requesting operators over and over…) – during the game I always just assumed it was some sort of a test related to the personality drift…. but then there's that whole other simulation layer where the player character really is just a Typhon with Morgan's memorie sinjected into it…. which possibly also is a simulation…. Really not sure how this all makes sense, or if it is even meant to make sense (definitely worked nicely as a red herring, didn't expect them to pull the simulation card twice), but I've personally enjoyed the ending quite a lot. A satisfying enough ending that still leaves room for interpretation.

    Also not sure why people ask for a sequel, that ending clearly wasn't meant to have one…

  6. I'm disappointed. That's not by far all endings. You left out the unempathetic ones as well as the empathetic Typhoon only / No Needles endings. I understand that these are a pain in the associated to achieve, just finished them myself, but I'd expect a person making a video called "ALL endings" to go through the trouble of getting these. Also, you kept some pretty long scenes in that were absolutely useless. I'd have cut them out in favour of the viewers.
    Aside from that I'm grateful for this compilation.

  7. 2 things:

    1.) How could they use Morgans memories if he sacrificed himself? If I lack some understanding here please fill my lack of knowledge

    2.) I could have left before even talking to Alex in his office about scanning the corals. Would the ending be the same as "leaving early"? Cause I'd have left SUPER early. I mean I could have left with that capsule before even meeting Sarah Elazar down in the cargo bay.

  8. I was actually super proud of myself when the operator of Mikhaila said that she was super surprised that I showed her the audio file because it would tell her that I was the one who killed her father. ^^

  9. This shows that while Alex is definitely not a good guy, in this story, he is also not a horrible person. We learn that he is definitely a good brother, a loyal brother and that he will do everything in his power to protect his sister (female in game) and her interests. Morgan was the one truly in charge, all this time….Alex was pretty much helpless without her and didn't know what to do.

  10. So here is what we know , the real morgan saved his brother alex and didn't save igwe , mikhaila , sara , danielle . that's why in the last scene alex is alive and the others are now "operators" . And since in the simulation when you destroy the station alex always dies ,,, That means the real morgan DID NOT destroy talos 1 and opted to use the NULLWAVE , which lead to earth destruction . That means the perfect "expected by alex" ending of the simulation would be to save igwe , mikhaila , sara , danielle in the shuttle and destroy the station and either die with the station or leave with the shuttle . just my opinion and by the way i used the nullwave .

  11. Ha, I had the very last ending, too. I destroyed January when it destroyed December, because I don't like robots playing mind games on me. I released the guy in Psychotronics only to blow his face off with a shotgun, no way this ex-con is getting off the station alive. I blew up Volunteer 37 in the Escape Pod with the Q-Beam, because he was a crazy bastard. Other than that, I did everything correct, never installed a single Typhon mod, saved all the humans, etc. But when I discovered that I'm actually the same alien master race that I've tried to kill all that time, I found back to my true Typhon nature and KILLED THEM ALL! 😀

  12. Thanks for this. I wanted to see all possible endings but didn't want to replay the game to get them, even from an earlier save. Pretty cool game, just wished for different, more powerful weapons.

  13. Great game, kinda sad I spoiled the twist by taking the Arboretum escape pod like 2 house into the game. I had suspicions for the rest it, kind of glad to see that I was right when I finished but still wish I had the OH moment. finding out the world was fucked kinda satisfied that though.

  14. I was kind of expecting the protagonist to be a typhon, and for us to find that out by stumbling on the real Morgan Yu's corpse, which could've been a fantastic WTF moment. Instead we get "it was all a dream".

  15. Had to look up the ending to this game. Played on Nightmare difficulty, 60 hour play through, Dahl bugged out when trying to save him and it broke him so I couldn't beat the game. thanks Bethesda.

  16. Isn't the whole mission to eradicate all traces of typhoon material, which means the best ending would be to kill all survivors and yourself, which in turn would have you fail the test. So this thing is just a whole "what is really right" thing

  17. You didn't show the ending where the shuttle was scuttled from the bridge. It had a Typhon or Mimic on it, which was how Earth got infected. Blow that up, then do the Nullwave, and you might have prevented "the dream"

  18. Prey2 a game where we go around mowing down Typhon

    Or maybe we decide to become one of them.

    Idk man I just love the way Arkane made this game. A scifi dishonored, I loved it.

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