Presidential Leadership Scholars 2017 Graduation

President George W. Bush and President Bill Clinton participate in a conversation focused on leadership moderated by financier and philanthropist David …

by TheBushCenter

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33 thoughts on “Presidential Leadership Scholars 2017 Graduation”

  1. Your video was stolen by another youtube channel: "Jon Snow – the Viral Network". They gave it a clickbait title and already have 2 million views. They titled it: "Bill Clinton and George W. Bush BRILLIANTLY Destroys & Makes Fun Of Trump in An Long Interview"

  2. David Rubenstein -> the highest calling of "mankind" is stop being ignorant. here is to hoping he is not needing humanity to only be reflected as "man-kind"..? if he is and this one word cannot be calibrated to better balance on this level of thought sharing, how will the overall system be better calibrated? i guess the only hope is for mindsets like this to no longer be set as the moderator on stages like this.

  3. Funny know one is making you watch this!! I adore Bill Clinton and misshim!! George is funny… the comments are disgusting!! Exactly like Trump!!So disgraceful I needed to hear this after this week with all the lies and more liescoming out of the WH. Respect so much respect. And knowledge

  4. I remember President Bush had dry what we thought was dry humor.He is funny and cooks.But he has a lot common sense.Never felt like he was bad.But did not trust his party..Loved having Clinton as President But but hurt about the Super Predator Law and such.Agenda where not serving me as a black woman.But served me in many other ways.I made good money with both Presidents in office.Got hurt on employment at the end of Bush because of NAFTA.Bounced back under Obama..Life is not always Great.But under any of these President's I never felt like no one had our back no matter what.I can say I do not feel safe anymore!Hot head at the helm…With nobody to have our back.If the days where we could only worry about economy and Health Care were it .That what I would do to work around it.But having a foreign power incorporated with my leader is unacceptable Period.Putin is not my fucking President.And U can not trust that he is not influential on Trump..So until I do!He will never be called President Period.Show me!!

  5. What a bunch of fucking shit. Why in the hell would anyone care to go see these two shit fucks.
    You have one that is… or at least was a cocaine dealer (biggest in U.S. history), two boys murdered on his property in Arkansas, married to the biggest lying bitch cunt whore in world history.
    And the one on the right is stupid as they fucking come, a criminal, a liar and more.
    Trump should be up there.
    These two fucks should be shot. Cant stand these crooked criminal mutherfuckers in suits.

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