President Obama’s Anger Translator (Full + HD)

President Obama’s anger translator “Luther” says all the things the President wishes he could at the 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

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17 thoughts on “President Obama’s Anger Translator (Full + HD)”

  1. Jon Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel, Zack Galafuckificare, Seinfeld, this guy from Mad TV, all trying so hard to paint obama as the funniest and coolest president ever. As if we needed any more evidence that his presidency is a joke.

  2. That's the only contribution Obama gave us in 8 years, just that funny little skit. Worst president ever, I don't like elected officials, like him or Bloomburg trying to tell us that we can't have guns, or trying to ban large sodas. Who the hell are these dumbasses?

  3. People may not think he's the best president, people may hate him, but at least he's better at connecting with the younger generation than most people in government. Prime example, Hillary Clinton.

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