PlayStation Plus Free PS4 Games Lineup April 2016

PlayStation®Plus membership includes free games and online multiplayer on PS4™ systems.* In April, PS Plus membership includes Dead Star and Zombi. Visit!/en-us/become-a-member/cid=STORE-MSF77008-PSPLUSMEMBER?smcid=yt:psplus-gamelineup-022014 to learn more!

*Active membership required to access PS Plus features and benefits. PS Plus is available to legal U.S. and Canadian residents with a SEN account who are 18 years or older.


27 thoughts on “PlayStation Plus Free PS4 Games Lineup April 2016”

  1. I'm starting to think Xbox lives offers more valuable monthly games worth your money than Sony ever does. Put out actual games worth the money or people will probably choose not to renew their subscription or better yet, switch platforms.

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