Plastic Pollution Coalition – OPEN YOUR EYES – Overview Narrated by Jeff Bridges (2016)

2015 Plastic Pollution Coalition Video – Narrated by PPC Notable supporter, actor Jeff Bridges.

Plastic Pollution Coalition would like to thank:

Jeff Bridges
Georgienne Bradley
Sea Save Foundation
Jon Bowermaster
Kate Connor
Ed Begley Jr.
Grant James
Javier Mas
Mas y Rallo
Greg Stone
Jill Mazursky
Captain Charles Moore
Algalita Marine Research and Education
Nick Thune
Abrielle Stedman
Van Jones
Andy Keller
Fabien Cousteau
Kelly Meyer
Taina Uitto
Jan Vozenilek
Annie Farman
Todd Sali
The SandBox
Bob Nixon
Earth Conservation Corps
Daryl Wallace
Pam Longobardi
Drifter’s Project
Nickos Myrtou
Sergio Ko
Ionian Cultural for Arts & Culture
Mathew John Pearson
Engineered Films
Rajiv Joseph
Lily Lakovidou
Veronica Sive
Sunjive Studios
Life Without Plastic


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