Planet X Linked to Mass Extinction- 2017 Year of the Comet -Secrets of the Star Disc

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The latest research on Kuiper belt objects indicates that something is having a skewing effect on those objects that are located just beyond Neptune and …

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  1. I know it's hard for average human brain to understand "no beginning and no end",just because our bodies are limited you see everything materialistic,you see through yourSELF,people don't know if space has limits,and space and everything in it,stars,planets,asteroids,black holes,magnatars,dark energy,dark mass is just a creation.Some think it's chaotic creation and mater comes first for them,they believe science and how intelligent life was created,but some of us see a perfect order in space and that level of perfection can't be random junk,it is created and still is creating and it will always be created by God's power and will,we choose to call it God,people are fighting wars because they call it different names,but it's there.

  2. ดูเหมือนว่า ดาวเคราะห์ ๗ เอ็กซ์ Planet 7X หมายถึง โตกว่าโลก ๗ เท่าดวงนี้ ไปเกี่ยวข้องกับ เวลาเที่ยงวัน ที่ พระเยซูถูกตรึงกางแขวนเพื่อไถ่บาปให้มนุษย์ชาติ เวลานั้นท้องฟ้าจึงมืด อาจจะมาเกี่ยวข้องกับชนชาติอิสราเอล อีกครั้ง ตาม พระคัมภีร์ วิวรณ์ บทที่ ๑๒ ข้อ ๒ ตรงกับปฏิทิน ปี ๒๕๖๐ เดือนกันยายน วันที่ ๒๓ และ เทศกาลเลี้ยง อยู่เพิง

  3. Well.. After thousands of years of story telling, Conspiracies, fiction novels, and fear mongering… I guess after a few million years and the passing of story from year to year.. Something will happen and one of these stories will be true at some point right? We know that events have occurred in the past.. and it is the Truth that there will be another.. when will it happen..?… I still don't see it yet

  4. Ok I'm not a troll , or being a trouble maker, but the earth's diamiter is 7,917.5 miles wide,, this planet x thing, most, not all, say it's 10 x bigger than earth, which would be 79,263.4 miles wide, that would make it 71,345.9 miles wider than the earth. yet we can not see it and jupiter is 86,881.4 miles wide, which means planet x is approximately 15,535.5 miles smaller than jupiter. it doesn't add up if it is such a huge planet, it would have to be super massive to couse gravitational problems already when you cannot even see it. this thing would have to be like twice the size of jupiter or jupiter 10x an I think we could see that by now.. math doesn't lie an the math doesn't add up to me.. but I am just a regular guy from ky..I mean even Saturn is 72,367.4 miles wide, witch is only 6,896 miles smaller than planet x is supposed to be acording to many…average total eclipse of the sun by the moon last 7.31 min, the sun is approximately 864,575.9 miles wide, the moon which is approximately 2,159 miles wide can totally eclipse the sun for about 7.31 seconds. so planet x is said by some to eclipse the sun 3 hours… the moon would have to only be 23,749 miles wide to eclipse the sun approximately 3. + hours, if the moon only need be 21,590 miles wider to couse a 3 hour eclipse than planet x if it's 79,263.4 wide would couse a 11.27 hour eclipse, so something isn't adding up here.. I mean we can see jupiter, saturn, moon, if this thing is so huge were is it, it couldn't be hiding couse it supost to be moving thousands if not more miles per hour towards us… an again not troll.. just asking questions that's all.. thanks

  5. Thank you very much for this contribution.
    Did you also see the video series from channel: God's Roadmap to the end by Jaco Prinsloo? What do you think about his findings through bible research?
    With greetings from Germany
    God bless you and your work!

  6. It's not time yet! The day is coming when God's wrath is poured out and an asteroid will strike and open the bottomless pit, (Revelation 9:1-2) but that won't happen until after the Abomination of Desolation occurs when the Antichrist pronounces himself as Messiah.

  7. The pope of Rome is the antichrist, the vatican is the 7 headed dragon beast, and Sunday is the mark of the beast. Is it wrong to sin? Yes. So what is sin? Breaking the 10 commandments. Well they removed the 2nd not to have idols, changed the 4th the sabbath day Saturday the last day of the week to Sunday the first. God commands all not to buy or sell on Saturday. And in keeping the law u receive the seal of God. Then they split the 10th to make it appear there is still 10. How can u repent and be born again if u don't even know what sin is then? This is the greatest deception! He even calls himself the title of God alone The Holy Father. Everyone needs to read exodus 20 for themselves to know what sin is, repent of those sins, ask God to accept Jesus as your sacrifice for those sins, and sin no more being born again in spirit. Repent!! He will be here soon!!!

  8. guys look, nibiru or planet x can be real and can be fake. But, look up at each sunset.Its never the same.And the thing is it takes bravery to approach others who are angry and mad. So everyone stop being scared, look up, laugh, have fun while you still can

  9. Thank you: Very good explanation and Graphics. Just a nice speed to Impact current events and as you Said Why would a Church spend so much money on a Telescope. People need to stay Alert. Many thanks UK. February 2017.

  10. If this is true, then the two witnesses are about to start their ministry.
    The Bible tells all about this cyclical bombardment and the effects on this planet. In Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 for example.
    And in Proverbs 30:4 the Lord is described. Exactly as the Sumerian God Lord Enki.
    "Enki" is an epithet. It means "God of the earth".
    The two witnesses stand before the "God of the earth", or Enki, in Revelation 11:4 and in the parallel verse Zechariah 4:14.
    Furthermore, the Lord's name according to the Sumerians is Ea, pronounced Ewa, or something. It is opposite to YHWH, or Yahweh.
    The Bible is loaded with references to the Sumerian pantheon of gods. The song of songs has a lot of similarities with the poetry written for the romance between Inanna and Dumuzi.
    It makes me conclude that the Bible is true from Genesis to Revelation. But if you read the book with a golf ball sized mind, you will also have an awareness as such.

  11. Am I seeing this right, Did the vatican really named their telescope facility lucifer? As I was watching your video, it showed an acronym with the name of the evil one for the vatican telescope, really? Did anyone else seen this or it's just me?! Could you text me back if this is really what they name it.

  12. well every body i saw same thing last night that would make your hair curl. go on (9 February MOON AND PLANET) this was my back garden.

  13. You show the article by Dr. Whitmire clear enough to read, then why not show where he states Planet X is in the neighborhood? And what specifically he means by that. It is a big neighborhood.

  14. this plannet x is comeing into the earth solor system and bringing in a while solor system with other plannets and what's happening is the magnetic pull with this giant size plannet. it's pulling things in with,it and as it gets closer it's afecting our plannet. which means. the earth is being pulled. the poles are shifting. which means we are getting warm Wheather in jan and Feb months. and Florida and down south. south Africa it's getting colder and rain the Wheather is getting strange not just by our tecnologie that we made to controll the Wheather. but this plannet x that's causeing a disturbance. earth quakes. sink holes the plates underneath is moveing. the earth is heating up from the inside out in different locations in earth. this plannet will come in,and go around the sun and move back out and away. but the closer it gets the more pull it's going to be. metors to bring in. earth being pulled apart from the ground can cause a sunamie how ever that's spelled. which could. cause a 90 foot or higher wave along the East coast. the world won't blow up. but things on the earth could get very bad. by this magnetic pull. and yes it's in the bible from way back. And just look at our solor system see were our plannets our. and see what's on the out side. something is pulling on the earth. The moon,is real it's the earth that's being pulled. that's why the moon might look like it turned. but it's us. God is in full control. not the UFOs. this is what makes sence to me. that star was never Venus. or mars.

  15. nassa wouldn't lie. and see that all thought it was mars in the Southwestern sky at night. like I was told if you don't belive now you will when it comes closer and brings in. Harvey disturbed things on earth. I always belive it when I first was told about it. that want us to belive it's all fake.

  16. . Early in the beginning of 2017 , NASA detected a mysterious object at the edge of our solar system and said it would sail safely past Earth on 16 February 2017 at a distance of nearly 32 million miles. Later , the date when the asteroid could pass Earth has been reviewed and shifted to 25 February 2017. But one self-styled Russian astronomer , Dyomin Damier Zakharovich , has claimed that NASA were lying and the asteroid would touch Earth triggering a kind of doomsday. NASA is reported to have dismissed the claim of the self-styled Russian astronomer. This Vedic astrology writer is short of astronomical knowledge and as such , can’t comment which of the two could be right. However , some light can be thrown applying Vedic astrology. While analyzing planetary impacts for a couple of countries during the year 2017 , February-March has been already , independent of asteroid referred to here , been described to be potent with major worrisome concerns, which could include fire , chemicals , economic collapse or crisis , unprecedented devastating weather like tsunamis , massive earthquakes , coup type environment challenging the existing ruling authority , a mini war or full scale war or threats as such, epidemics or health hazards and the like in vulnerable regions of the globe during February-March can be feared to take place. But no doomsday is anticipated during the said period. This writer also chanced upon to find prophesy being circulated by a missionary in the west to say that 23 September 2017 was the date for such a thing from sky to fall triggering doomsday. This writer has no comment as to some asteroid falling from sky in September 2017. However , this writer has also identified August-September 2017 likely to be another period of major concern with focus on aspects of life earlier outlined here in relation to February-March 2017.

  17. The past 3 weeks has been the most mind blowing days of my life…. Between bible prophecy, Enoch, the emerald tablets of Thoth, Antarctica, and Nibiru. I was already a Christian before all of this. But man….
    Thank you for getting this info out!

  18. Mass Extinction, was also mentioned in another YouTube video … Nemesis, our suns evil twin … That Nemesis orbits around our Sola System, once every 26 Million years, and they through they saw a Mass Extinction, once every 26 Million years.   Nemesis, is a Brown Dwarf Star, with 7 planets of its own … Planet Nibiru is number 6, and it has a high angle to its orbit, just as Robert S. Harrington said it did.   NASA has leaked many photos since 2007-08, showing it, its 6 planets, and it interacting with our system.  The Dwarf Planet Sedna, is number 7, and it can be seen in Astroviewer.

  19. I've had a Dream over the Night of Feb 4th to Feb 5th of this Year 2017. It was a very shiny day (aprox. Sun at 12 O'Clock GMT+1, Southeast) with less Clouds and you could see almost a Full Moon (western from the Sun). The day was very bright and hot, you could "smell" Summer Air around you, it was so peaceful and calm. If you looked at the Sun it was a bit bigger than normal with a bit of a Red hue. Suddenly it went darker, the Sky was without any Clouds and you could see Stars in the Sky some of them brighter than our Sun, Body felt lighter than normaly. A huge shadow appeared and if you looked in the Sky between the Sun and the Moon you could saw a big object elliptical shaped aproaching. Firstly it was very faint and elliptical shaped because it was pulled by Earths gravity but when it came closer you could see a dark blue planetary look alike object. Everything happened in such short amount of time. The object hit Eart about at middle west of Africa and Atlantic Ocean (only a guess because of where it was in the Sky at that moment). Just a couple of minutes after the collision the first wave came and when it hit me it throw me in the Air, for a moment I felt weightless but fell very quickly to the ground. The Air got warmer and very hard to breath it felt almost like drowning in water. In the distance you could see a burning Red Sky a wave of Fire approaching you, I saw my end….. And than I woke up.

    Jezus it wasn't a pleasure to dream such a Dream

  20. You are on the right track but… you have been fooled by the program you are using. You cannot judge the month or day(s) by looking at the day time side of the earth and turning off the sun i.e.- (in the software!) That approach is propagated by Astrologers NOT Astronomers! You have to take into account the 12 hours difference (like Joshua's Long Day) and look at that line up in the night time sky!!! duh! – you can't see the stars during day time!

  21. For all we know, we know nothing. Displacement of planetary systems by an encroaching system is in every sense possible. What you wish to think or believe is entirely your choice of course. Definite proof has risen to warrant this. The difference we now experience in weather and earth patterns as well as our neighboring planets, show reactions to something.We must trust in untrustworthy sources sometimes to get more knowledge on this. Be particular in your choosing, many are scams being used to prey upon gullible people. May the good Lord protect and watch over all.

  22. Gary Morgan, for my science, I don't remain in my bible library, & I don't stand behind so called science, because belief in no God, makes true science, rare or impossible. One way I know some math, science, technical things, & much more, is by turning within, even as taught in Hinduism, except that I find, mainly, most importantly, JESUS, as I turn within, & stay there, for countless, long periods of time. (Inventing or imagining hang ups for/of others, is how people run from the light.)

  23. @Skywatch Media News , #1 – Where are you getting your (intro) info from. Curious, Nibiru has not been around for 1,000's of years, and you are quoting scientific info which we relatively didn't start to accumulate until recent. You (and others) often quote Nibiru as "at least being 10x Earth's size" …but what's the density! This fact is crucial! I was hoping you'd give this info also…but you didn't. Such info requires high-tech, and who had this ability back then, or today? Very curious…

  24. The Nibiru system has already given us great indicators to it's arrival.  Most notably the clouds will take on distinct shapes and certain appearances.  I have been observing these since early 2016.  The shapes can be made up of shadows, cleared areas within the clouds or as the clouds themselves.  They appear during a course of a few days before a lull of a few weeks then back again.  The shapes will have an unnatural appeal to them.  I have even seen the system's architecture stamped into the clouds which forms a cross shape, objects located accordingly.  I concluded the system carries with it a dark star giving off extreme UV light.  This makes it difficult to not only see clearly but to photograph and track without specialized equipment not to mention understanding how low spectrum UV light behaves at this level and within boundaries of other factors that exist around it. There is something most unique with this system that we are not to know about for some reasons.  It exhibits an intelligence and imagination that we would not even consider without having an extreme open mind about what we know or think we know.  One of the most interesting observations I have had on numerous occasions has been an eye peering around.  This alone can be aligned with symbolic perspectives we have seen throughout history.  The intent may not be an eye at all but an effect of some physics with the system itself behind it.  Projection from the UV dark light illuminating a dimension unseen.  Personally I think there are parts of this system which have been created or crafted.  Implemented in ways to utilize natural forces emitted by a dark star.  A more recent observation has been repeating sounds resonating through my house, only heard while inside and getting clearer with every peak of other observations noted.  Lastly during the peaks of these observations a distinct vibration can be felt which match up to the sounds exactly.  There are details regarding this system's effects on earth that have been hidden and held, kept from the hands of the masses.  I can only imagine that when the system is at it's most intense we will know for sure the perspectives of hell for it will be an almost never ending effect on the human psyche.

  25. I don't want to be rude… but there are no planets and not an infinite universe!!
    The Earth is created by a Creator, named God .. He made the sun, moon and stars… the bible never mentioned planets…. it's a fake! It's all part of the evolution-consperacy that made up a lot of lies… Besides why are all the so called planets, who are stars, called after greek gods? why are all the constellations called after pegan-gods … And why does NASA also use names for their missions named after greek-mythology (witch i believe happend before the flood and the arc of Noah) …

    Almost everything in this world is a big fat 500-year old lie!! Only the bible tells how the earth is made and how it's formed … if you believe in a ball earth, in an infinite universe, you believe the earth came to existence by a big boom, and you are made by a cup a soup of evolutions from monkeys to human… Ball Earth denies God and His creation…
    Better said, a ball believer can't value their life and the complexity of how we are made!
    Nothing can come to existence with out someone who creates…

    God is outside time, space and matter, because HE CREATED IT. That's the only answer to how everything could be created … How God was always there,, I don't know, no one knows or is able to understand…
    But I do know He created us to have relationship with Him and love us! He does not need us, but He wants us! That is the exact reason He CREATED this Earth so we could live on it and enjoy His creation!

    Yes i know this is off topic of this video, but found it too important not to share!

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