Pet Room Tour 2017 Summer Update

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by Swetha Menon Exotics

We love video with animals! Whether you’re interested in cute little puppies or strong and fearsome predators, this is the place for you! This video has received an amount of 625 likes and with your help it can get even more! Enjoy!

  • Duration: 18:22
  • Date & time added: 2017-06-22 14:17:44
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35 thoughts on “Pet Room Tour 2017 Summer Update”

  1. 1you should get a female mouse (I have two) and brees, I would if I could, and 2 nice betta tank ( AWSOME that you have a big tank filter AND A HEATER!) 3. Thank you.

  2. I suggest putting that kid on Hades tank. Bettas LOVE to jump and will jump. Without the lid he could fall and cause damage to himself or die before you realize he jumped.

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