Passion 2017: Francis Chan (Session 4)

Francis Chan speaking at Session 4 of Passion 2017 at the Dome, Atlanta (GA) =============================== Francis Chan brings a powerful and …

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23 thoughts on “Passion 2017: Francis Chan (Session 4)”

  1. it is through those thoughts the Lord is able and thus does teach the Father and His ways. the Father seeks unity in His children, in, for and through Him. the Father is life along with His Son. john 17:3, eternal life is knowing the Father and His Son, per Jesus!

  2. Its interesting, one of the key ingredients of Salvation is not ever mentioned in this video. If it was spoken, its subtle. I was thinking about sharing this key ingredient. However, open your bible and read.
    Read the full chapter of Isaiah 55

  3. the American church has went the way of the rich. Devouring gods people. Taking away from God's suffering people.
    But it still wants more. Teaching to find a Passion.Not making you is passion. The church is in want. It says I hope for no good thing. But we want all good things. Our Lives. Our Houses.Our lives. But they aren't yours. We should wait on the lord. We run around claiming our way is the only way. But we lack to be the way. What fixes things. Christ or money? Which ones do you point to? The way of suffering in peace. Not wanting anything. Anything other than a relationship with God. The church will do what it must to protect its way of life. It takes heaven by force. Bless the lost. Bless those suffering. Bless the poor.

  4. our desires our wills keep Christ from living in us. I want my family I want kids. I want. I want. but God has not called us to live in the world. but that's all we do. Some Christians speak of judgment of those in darkness. Why? They are lost. And if we are sons and daughters of the most high then we would know when we judge them it makes them not want to come to Christ. We should only reprove each other. And people will follow. If our way is the way then we should never need to talk. The walk we walk will talk for us.

  5. False teacher,Francis is a liar,when you purposely subtract from the word of God.If people would study the word of God for themselves,they would know.Do not leave your eternal salvation in the hands of any man,only trust in the word of God.go to 119 ministries for truth.

  6. The scripture from Isaiah 55! Amazing sermon, we often make too many decisions based upon feelings and thoughts, without any wisdom or understanding from God. That's been my prayer so far In this New Year, that God show me and lead me in his ways. Glad I came across this. Thanks you for posting it

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