Passion 2017: Christine Caine (Session 1)

Christine Caine at Session 1 of Passion 2017 conference at the Dome (Atlanta, GA) ======================================== Christine Caine kicked …

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34 thoughts on “Passion 2017: Christine Caine (Session 1)”

  1. It's sad that people can't see past Christine's gender and realize what incredible things she's doing for the kingdom.  You would think that God doesn't use women for his purposes by the reactions in the comments.  Deborah was the leader of israel for a time, and she was a woman.  Esther saved the entire nation by following God's commands.  Christine is a fiery speaker, she keeps crowds focussed and alert, and she preaches the word.  What more can you ask for?

  2. Thank God for Christine Cain! She's been putting haters and doubters to sleep her whole Life. Just like Christ. It's confirmation of the Holy Spirit, evil will always be here telling us we're wrong or not "good enough" but will shall endure! God has the final say not mortal beings!

  3. I'm completely hooked on Ms. Caine's messages. My daughter convinced me to go to 'Propel' in Sept. 2017 and it's what I was missing, a direct, you can help NOW, make a difference NOW, be present NOW message. THANK YOU Ms. Caine for providing me an eye opening message and invigorating my passion.

  4. I have loved every part of it. For those of us who watch from Ghana, the Lord is moving with us and one day we hope to share this story when we all gather in the Father's land and celebrate this great movement. Love you Passion, been blessed with your messages at College

  5. Is there still human trafficking for evil purposes? I know you were protecting our People from such horror. impossible to have personal emails for everyone. We see a generation standing on the Truth!

  6. Well, I don't know anything about her. The push-up things and what not is silly and her being a pastor isn't scriptural… so there's that. But…

    With that said, what I've heard is biblical and applicable to the audience. It was spiritual milk for a generation longing to hear any truth. It had a lot of fluff so I can't say i enjoyed her sermon but I've been a growing christian for 15 years. For someone not a Christian or a new believer, this is probably exactly what they needed. If God can use me, a sinner, I am sure God can and will use her for His glory to. The closer I get to God I want to be sure to not water down God's Word but I also want to be able to love with truth and grace.

  7. Hebrews 12 is the reading, the Word is sharper than any two edged sword, living and active, working in real time by His Spirit, hopefully speaking to ours, right in the place we need that encouragement, truth and promise, dividing between joints and marrow, soul & spirit…Jesus, was the greatest salesman, the greatest motivational speaker because the Word is motivating, life giving and speaking NOW to His people, otherwise, it would be a waste of our time! PLEASE, MOTIVATE! The world needs it, they turn to medication and drugs, sex and food for motivation, why not His people, motivating through and by His Word and Spirit?

  8. An Aussie woman preacher, sorry guys for the heresy that comes out of Hillsong here in Australia. Sadly, Christine is more of a motivational speaker then a preacher. Please Christians compare what you hear and see according to Holy Scripture, nothing else.

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