Overland Expo West 2017 – Our Experience

In this episode of TrailRecon, my son Jordan and I headed off to Flagstaff Arizona to check out Overland Expo West 2017. Overland Expo is one of the largest events of its kind in North America…

by TrailRecon

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43 thoughts on “Overland Expo West 2017 – Our Experience”

  1. Nice video guys! I just watched this one only and I noticed that you do haven't included the URLs on the screen or in the description. Perhaps include that in the near future (if you don't include it already), it makes sourcing information really easy.

  2. Nice Video! Just bought a 2017 JK with 14 miles on it two days ago and can't wait to get started on the build. After all the cool stuff you show on this video, I noticed the phone holder you have at the 1:32 mark of the video. My phone has hit the floor boards at least 10 times in two days and I was wondering if you would provide a link for where you bought it? All the one I have seen online look pretty bad and bulky. Thanks in advance!

  3. Good video, but I one problem with the whole thing. Product placement is every where. No bush-craft of any kind????? City boys with toys, urban campers only. How expensive is your town home mentality. Not off grid at all. But a lot of nice toys only..

  4. All I can say is, Land Rover has shot their load. They will never again be a viable source for machines worthy of a muddy field, let alone a battlefield……..sad. Patriot Campers? How about a M151 Jeep trailer for $200, and a pocket full of ingenuity? $38,000.00???? LMFAO!!!!!!! It's amazing what fancy-pants rich folks will pay for…….

  5. Man, I wish I would have known you were there! I would've loved to meet you! You're video on the Cooper STT Pros confirmed my decision on those tires, which I absolutely love!

  6. Hey man, really enjoyed this video and finding your channel. I love how enthusiastic and supportive you are of what everyone else is doing in your space. I've subbed just because of your attitude. Keep up the great work! Papa's Heaven out. and

  7. Great video. Just get rid of the Jeep if you seriously want to go Overlanding. I saw to Toyota Landcruiser light, after my much loved JK Diesel destroyed itself at 90,000 miles.

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  9. a light bar with no wind noise – rigid is making miracles happen! sooo much to look at, hope something like this will make its way to Canada once we're out of our infancy stage. thanks for the coverage

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