Oscars 2017 Best Film Award Major Mistake at The Begining

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29 thoughts on “Oscars 2017 Best Film Award Major Mistake at The Begining”

  1. This so called scandal would have been good for only a short laugh if those two old actors would have solved the situation a little bit more souveraign.Means: If they would have read a little more carefully. And ask for the right card immediately.And why fire PwC?? Solely to blame are the two employees.

  2. Who else agrees that this was my ? some person from India claimed that this was his video when I actually recorded it and YouTube still took it down. whoever the person is that claimed this video was theirs, its NOT

  3. I DON'T condone in this faggot ass movie , it's str8 bullshit & it's a shame the media led white people issuing out awards celebrating homosexuality , Barry Jenkins sold his soul to appease the masses of a one sided industry , tapped dance to a bojangle tune and got bent over and fucked , to think this " Blunder " was a coincidence is far fetched , How can you screw up a statement written off a simple envelope on the very LAST award of the night ? Fuck that movie , too much fuckery involved and not real shit..

  4. I'm so sick of this world of deceit. Everything is FAKE. 100% guaranteed this was staged. Furthermore, as much as I personally couldn't care less about black, brown, yellow or white, they had to give it to the black people because that's the bizarre climate we live in. Moonlight may have been a decent movie but best picture, not even close. It's the same thing when a movie about killing Bin Ladin will get a bunch of awards because it's about furthering the brainwashing of false patriotism, not about a movie that's actually great. The whole thing is LAME! F- Hollywood! Kimmel was hilarious though.

  5. It is plain to see that Warren Beatty knew right away that the wrong names were on the card he and Faye had been given. If the voting results are kept secret until they are opened, how would Warren know his card was wrong? Also, I thought it was a little low-brow that Warren, suspecting that something was amiss, handed the card to Faye, with no "heads up" about the discrepancy, and let her announce the wrong winners.

  6. fuck, sucks for la la land, again not warrens's fault! blame the fucking backstage crew who messed up !!! That stupid bald guy must've been fucking pissed but shouldn't have snatched the card from the warren's hand, but again, understandable

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