Oscars 2016 Leonardo DiCaprio Wins best Actor – Speech 2016 VOSTFR [HD] QUALITY

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This is awesome. It’s been a long time I was waiting for this. As an Actor I’m so happy for him and I hope this is the first of a long serie 😀 . I want to congratulate also Mad Max,this masterpiece that George Miller made, the academy didn’t forget him and that’s very cool and deserved. YES !!!!! Thanks Leo.

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27 thoughts on “Oscars 2016 Leonardo DiCaprio Wins best Actor – Speech 2016 VOSTFR [HD] QUALITY”

  1. to be honest I've never seen this…I don't bother with cable but I was well aware he won and I'm finally watching the revenant (i know i know ha) but wow I'm glad I looked this up. Great speech, even more respect for this dude. Glad he finally won what he deserved and hope to see more!

  2. Promoting the Climate Change Hoax is the most enslaving thing someone can do, it's one giant monopolising business and keeps nations from industrialising, even Enron pioneered the idea of Carbon Credits. Leo is a total sell-out posing as a philanthropist and thanks his masters with this little propaganda piece, even Biden is laughing it up in the audience.

  3. Outstanding. Perhaps at his next big award win, he'll fervently address the child sex trafficking in Hollywood; or chemtrails; or Big Pharma mafia. That'll merit a big five to ten minute standing ovation. Longer if he drops a few names.

  4. My favourite part of this was the fact that everyone gave Leo a standing ovation. Even the other nominees got up and applauded him. Because everyone in that room knew that Leo deserves that damn Oscar! I loved watching the Internet just explode after he won. Literally everyone was posting "it's about time!" I'm so glad he won this year. He does deserve it

  5. The people clapping don't care. They have not got the word out or contributed. It's just to look good in front of the camera. They only care what fashion styles others wore.

  6. I think the whole world was waiting for Leo to get his well deserved Oscar. In my opinion, Leo is my generations Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro because he just has "it"…I love everything that he does. He's just an amazing talent.

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