Orcs, Dragons and Bears! Oh my! – High Rollers D&D: Episode 7 (28th February 2016)

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47 thoughts on “Orcs, Dragons and Bears! Oh my! – High Rollers D&D: Episode 7 (28th February 2016)”

  1. I don't know if you still are doing this, but why when you have disadvantage/advantage do you players keep rolling once then add your bonus then roll the second? Why not just roll twice and take the highest/lowest roll and then add the bonus? Because you both know which will be the one to use just from the dice instead of doing math twice one of which will be discarded anyway.

  2. I don't know what is worse… knowing the rules that could have made this session go a lot smoother for them and watching them not use them, or knowing that the fact that I know those rules does not matter because that session was over several months ago.

  3. Please release High Rollers merch if there isn't any already. Absolutely love when the Yogscast do Tabletop RPGs like this. I like this more than YogsQuest because they actually take the RP serious in this series. I absolutely love Cam Buckland.

  4. After this adventure, Trellimar went to a remote island, where he founded a village dealing mainly in selling owl related products in sheer spite of Kim's new character. That village would be the starting point of the original Yogsquest series.

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