23 thoughts on “Noodle Tonsil Stone Extraction w/ The Gonz!”

  1. Poor kid! I HATE TONSIL STONES with a vengeance. This guy gagged and spat everywhere afterwards…..My gag reflex is so strong, that when I used to get small ones, I would start gagging as soon as I put the remover tool near my mouth!!!!!!!

  2. Holy doodle kind of glad we don't have smell-o-vision I just learned about those last year myself and I taking my own out and they're not pretty.. what I find so weird is they always look bright yellow inside but when they come out there a nasty Brown

  3. I had these. They're nasty. I had a really huge one and my mom chiseled it off the side of my tonsil with a sterilized skewer….like the kind you would make kebabs with lol. Sounds weird but it worked. My doctor tried to get them but couldn't and he kept squirting numbing medicine down the back of my throat. Very unpleasant to say the least.

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