19 thoughts on “New Year 2017 Celebrations At MG Road Bangalore”

  1. The fact people are actually trying to put fault on the women for what they're wearing is disgusting. NO ONE wants to be harassed, molested, raped, etc. No one is "inviting" it. India is a free country right? Why can't women wear sexy clothes to feel good about themselves? Getting harassed shouldn't be a real reason. Teach people not to rape, not what to wear. It's completely the harasser's fault for doing it in the first place. Never the women. Victim-blaming is awful and will not help us stop things like this. Teach people to control themselves in a civilized society, not people that they are wrong and should hide for wearing a skirt.

  2. Bengaluru is the only place in India where such an incident has taken place on the New year eve. It is the only place where a handful of daring and drunken girls had the audacity to wander on the streets at midnight amidst a mob of young men. They must have had the willingness to get groped and get raped ! Virginity must be guarded by personal safety rather than by public security.

    The comedy is the scream, screech and shriek by the feminists and the media in defence of these rash and reckless midnight wenches spoiling the cherished dignity of the Indian women. Indian women are the most cautious and careful people in the whole world to safeguard their traditional modesty and chastity. They know very well what to do and when to do at which hour of the day. Only the brazen and bawdy, and unwed debonair damsels are captivated by modernity.

  3. jaise girls ko dar rehtahai ye cloths pehane se ya raat ko nikalne se waisa he dar boys k dil me ni aayega ye shit kaam kerne se pehle tab tak kitni batein ker lo kuch ni hone wala bastard poltician thinkers many idiot jo channel pe sirf kutte ki tarah bolna jante sirf kerna kuch ni salon ko fansi pe ushe b badtar saza ni milegi khauuf ni rahega man me kuch change ni hone wala

  4. such cloths n ol many excuses my foot cheap thoughts …punish all these shit pple worst punishment jab tak jawan ni dena sikhenge kuch sahi ni hone wala 2012 se 2017 situaion same nthng change think again ek do jab tak mrenge ni jo ye kaam kerte kuch sahi ni hone wala khauf rahega tabhi kuch baat banegi

  5. Hey the young victims of Bengaluru ! When you have the guts to wear tight jeans and tops and bare your body for exposure at midnight , and were bold enough to roam the city amidst the crowd of young men at 1.00 am , then why the hell are you bothered about groping and molestation.

    When everybody knows that New Year eve is meant for fun and frolic on the streets, why do you whine and moan now that you were pulped. Out of the lakhs of young girls who were quiet at home on that day you were the only dare devils who wanted to wander the streets to test the sainthood of the Indian men at midnight. You got what you deserve ! Be happy that you have clever politicians and cunning media to defend you ! Don't repeat it next year !

    This is India where every saint in daylight is a scoundrel at night time. They don't just grope, they can violently rape and wander as holy men the next day..

  6. Men and women are born with different physical features. Definitely the women naturally have very attractive body endowments. In the past these parts were properly covered by women but the women of today want to expose it to the maximum. To whom do they want to expose ? Is it for their fellow women or the man on the street ? They roam around at 1.00 am and invite molestation. These women might have enjoyed it but the media and feminist activists sensationalise it.

  7. Indians are by far worst rapist-killers in the world. When an Indian Minister tells you that female tourists should not wear skirt, it does show you, animals are not in control. Less than 1% of rapes are reported, women are as guilty for not taking rapists to jail. Indians have a much lower IQ than any Western nation. India will never be able to copy West, like monkeys they do imitate.

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