New vs . “Old” :2015 Mustang GT vs Classic Recreations “Villain” – /TUNED

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The phrase, “Drives like a new car.” gets thrown around the pro-touring community a lot. Is it true? Matt Farah drives one of the best out there, Classic Recreations’ “Villain”, and compares it to the new 2015 Ford Mustang GT.


20 thoughts on “New vs . “Old” :2015 Mustang GT vs Classic Recreations “Villain” – /TUNED”

  1. $150-K for what, an old, albeit nicely done, hot rodded Mustang?

    I tell you what… Go buy a brand new High performance Mustang, for $50-K, dump another $50-K ino it, and save yourself $50-K and end up with an even better result.

  2. So a car that's about 50 years old with incredible horse power thrown together in a few weeks with seat belts and a hood latch that don't work on a road with allot of turns with a basically a wall on one side of you and a cliff on the other.

    Where do I sign up I'm in 😉


    That will be a sweet ride when they start producing them for the public. I'll never be able to get one but I can always dream :)

  3. No sunroof option, no interest. Come on Ford, you used to have t-tops, sunroof and convertible options!! They put sunroofs on just about everything that's not a sports car/muscle car, but not the Mustang??

  4. One of the most badass looking Mustangs I have seen. I like these protoured cars. However with all this money and time put into this car, why does the driver door not look flush with the body? Every angle makes it look like the hinge is off. As for overall looks, to me, the car looks perfect but the front end could use work, the headlights are too small and the blacked out front grille gives them a look of being more spaced out and smaller than they are, they really should add two larger center lights to the grille to offset this look. I think almost every Mustang looks better when they have the four lights in front straight across the grill. I wish the New Edge's had the option.

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