New Trendy Slang For 2016!!!

Hood language is constantly mocked. We are called uneducated for using words like “Bae” and “Lit…” years later the same people that ridicules us want to use these as trendy words to advertise and appeal to us so they can get us to consume their products. These Culture Vultures love to appropriate what we do while demonizing the people that created it in the first place.

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46 thoughts on “New Trendy Slang For 2016!!!”

  1. Babe I'm waaaaaay old and I know those words are Not even close to being New.. I'm like seriously? Sounds like the 80s… I thought I was gonna learn something New… Google says slang 2016… What a joke! Thanks for the update' and Low-key/ They doing Extra (the most) on the list…That's (Trash) on the list and are they serious? DRAG EFING CANCEL LIT AF…. Come on LMAO
    2FF let them figure that out…mwahahahaha

  2. fuckin white people lol aye that's some funny shit, push the race thing a bit less the rest of the politics and shit be on point, I know white people gotta bad Rep but this new generation bout to snap back, that's a bet, and this my slang fool, woahed

  3. Who are the people he's talking about? I live in Mariners harbor Staten Island and the only white people here are lower class or actually broke, none of those middle class white people would be comfortable even walking to the store around here.

  4. I'm white, but I've been saying "trash" since I was 16, which was… a long time ago. I don't use slang as appropriation. I just say: "hey, that sounds cool", and then I incorporate it into my own speech. If black people came up with it, that's great. All credit to them for it. Good job for creating a fun way of saying things. The slang definitely isn't something that I came up with. I don't make fun of the way people speak, because everyone is unique, and has something that makes them individual. In regards to New York, I'm lucky to get to visit for NYCC every year. If it wasn't for a person who would have likely been deemed as "ghetto", I would have had to sleep in the snow when I got lost during the convention. MTV is and has been terrible for a long time, and anyone who thinks of listening to "trends" by them is either extremely impressionable, or an idiot. Don't bother wasting time getting upset at them, because they've done it since I was just a kid.

  5. I have no idea where I stand in all of this. I mean I'm black but it's not like I'm from the "hood". I go to a school that's in a pretty sketchy place but live in the country filled with white people. Honestly, I'm more of a shy person who does not, in any way, live to the black stereotypes and nobody really thinks of me as being capable of that either. I'm not sure if I should be grouped in with white people because of the way I act or with black people because of my skin colour. Man, this is so confusing!

  6. funny how all the slang we used in Ny when I was growing up now I hear everybody else use. the only problem I have is Ny is famous for how we talk, but around the country Niggas dead ass love to hate. example I hear down south Niggas everyday pop shit about Ny and don't even realize a lot of their slang down to the way they dress is all Ny inspired

  7. i guess Philly don't count, shit Trash is a real word that's been used my whole life, n im old. In Philly, even us white kids come out the womb saying "its hot in dat jawn" talking about the womb itself. Sure, some shit really is slang but Trash??? People used that since the 1980s n im sure before but i wasn't here before then so i can't say. Trash isn't slang tho, u, nor i didn't make it up. Nor the word "dead" or how u use it. We ain't Nutting special. Now, if u catch my ass using Fleek or some shit, i WANT 2 be kicked in the nuts n give u my permission.

  8. MTV needa get shut down … they appropriating things and calling it this. taking it from where if BELONGS. they need to do their research, and find out just how new it is

  9. I like how you distinguish between assimilation and appropriation. I've been trying to understand what is cultural appropriation and why it is harmful for a while, and this really helps.

  10. People have been saying "trash", "savage", and other slang in the hood for YEARS. I'm so tired of mainstream B.S. co-opting underground language and laying claim to it as if they invented it. FOH. Don't call people "ghetto" and "ignorant" for saying this kind of stuff and then turn around months (sometimes years) later doing the same thing.

  11. Americans need to know certain slang that we use in the UK, especially London has been around for tiiime. I mean 10+ yrs and its not like we hopped on some new wave of hipsters saying it

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