25 thoughts on “(NEW) Top Secret Advanced Military Weapons 2017 HD”

  1. Damn I really love the Electromagnetic and Lazer canon can you imagine if those things can be put on a boat or even on a aircraft or helicopter. Any metal load inside the Electromagnetic some serious damage to the enemy. Ship or aircraft will carry more of those things and less missiles because they can as much damage as a missile, less expensive, and they would be able to care more round of things on a boat or aircraft than missiles.

  2. India's treasures of Divine Weapons which existed during Mahabharat is yet to be revealed at right time ! The whole world will bow down with respect and fear to India once the fact of having India such weapons.

  3. ICBM's have been around for decades, they don't belong on this list. -.- Their hardly top secret, their a primary cold war weapon system. The only folks who wouldn't know about them would be kids that don't care enough to learn about our countries defense systems.

  4. The 'LaWS' System you mention here is Not developed by the us Army. Its developed by Rheinmetall, a German company.
    In one of those sceneries they're also using 'Mantis' and not what you Call 'PHaSR'.
    A lot of sh*tty US propaganda here.

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