New Terrible Road Rage, Car Crashes and accidents Compilation March 2016 31 03 2016 #205

Car Crashes Compilation. Accidents on the roads, the most terrible and the most terrible cases of collision, do not repeat the mistakes of other drivers, be careful on the roads.
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44 thoughts on “New Terrible Road Rage, Car Crashes and accidents Compilation March 2016 31 03 2016 #205”

  1. 3:11 I wouldn't be surprised if the man driving the car behind the orange jackknifed truck will someday kill those jabbering women who are in the car with him…probably his wife & mother-in-law. 18:44 f***ing Lada drivers, they should all have their crap cars taken away from them & then sent to the Gulag.

  2. This is the result of many years of comunism. People are not educated, irresponsabile, with an extremely high percent of alcoholism. DO NOT GO TO RUSSIA.

  3. What I am learning from these videos is that when someone pulls in front of you without yielding to oncoming traffic – HIT THEM, so they are at least involved in their own mess. Do so in such a way that you strike them squarely without your vehicle getting diverted into a head-on collision. I had a small car stop in front of my 10 ton truck for no reason one day. I had two options; fly off a 150 foot drop interchange overpass – or ram them. They all wound up a mess. A bad mess. It seemed the driver was looking for an insurance fraud payday. Instead, she had a closed-casket. Her other victims will never be the same.

  4. "News Flash in RUSSIA People are not so smart when it comes to ROADS! about 50% of the people dont know how to drive and the police do nothing about it. People in America and other UK are better drivers than Others." Yeah America and the UK good job on the driving you A+

  5. Hey Russia. Make it a law that bicycle riders know that when cross-traffic has a green light that they aren't supposed to cross the road, and they must walk their bicycles across intersections. Oh, and get turn arrow lights for your intersections, and speed limit signs are a good idea too.

  6. DOT must have their a__ up their butts. The road design an movement of traffic pattern is not structured for safety. They need more well placed traffic lights to give drivers better sense of direction. Other than that it's a free for all.

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