New Scary Horror Movie 2017 English Full Thriller Movie

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Our rating is: 4.06

Author : Kenny Bale


46 thoughts on “New Scary Horror Movie 2017 English Full Thriller Movie”

  1. I understand they are people that bitch and complain about movies thru movies that I have watched non stop thing going for people to do for whatever reason. most time I don't read cuz the comments people put..try and look for good comments about movies

  2. I know looking thru comments bitching and complaining about a shitty crappy move…..then move to another movie. I always put thumbs down to alot of people's comments…also not bad for people to watch without listening/reading people putting down the movie

  3. Call me a horrible person but that stabbing scene from the start had me laughing so hard it was so cheesy xD looking and the girl kept on screaming when she could of tried to at least get away Instead of staying in bed screaming trying to wake her boyfriend up, I'm sorry but if I was her and the guy wouldn't wake up I'll be like "screw it I'm getting the hell out of there", lol.

  4. I didn't get one point in this movie..that instead of being young why she was not able to fight with her mother in law…pathetic…..there are other flaws …but parody team will find out the other flaws…hehehe…we are here to improve the scripts. ..

  5. The only nice from this crazy story was only the Beautiful Girl…and Nothing more….Hello from land of Sun…GREECE….A Kiss to the Beauty Blond Girl…and nothing more…

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