New E-class E 400 4MATIC AMG Line. Test-drive in Lisbon, March 2016.

The new E-Class is sophisticated, confidently stylish and dynamic. Compared with its predecessor, its wheelbase length has grown by 65 millimetres (2939/2874), its overall length by 43 millimetres (4923/4880). The resulting increase in space is to the benefit of all passengers. The basis for agile handling characteristics is provided by an increased track width (extra 20 millimetres at the front, extra 7 millimetres at the rear). With minor exceptions, the boot capacity has been maintained at the excellent level of the previous model.

The E-class E 400 4MATIC, six-cylinder petrol engine will deliver 245 kW (333 hp) with a torque of 480 newton metres. Color – selenite grey.

Mercedes E-class E 400 4MATIC AMG Line :

Displacement cc – 2996

kW/hp – 245/333

Nm – 480

0-100 km/h in s – 5.3

l/100 km – 7.7

CO2 g/km – 174


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42 thoughts on “New E-class E 400 4MATIC AMG Line. Test-drive in Lisbon, March 2016.”

  1. я здесь тюнинга AMG вообще не вижу,да и салон убогий,столько всякого лишнего,во эти гаджеты виджеты на хрена нужны.на AMG дал на пятку и ушел а не сидеть и не настраивать подвеску с движком)))))))))

  2. beautiful job mercedes. the pictures on mbusa do not do justice. great HD video. amazing lines and the interior instrument left panel is optional in analog and right panel remains digital w/ LEDS. I prefer analog gagues myself blended in with Digi.

    Amazing Mercedes 10th gen E class.
    Good Job MB!

  3. I start like Merc less and less… it is same with all modern cars but I was dreaming for Merc since I was 11 and now I don't, which is kind of pity.
    Nobody need so much useless technologies on board. cars like 190 and W124 are legends partly because the simplicity – logicically advanced for its time but simple .

    Who is the idiot who needs so many menus and sub-menus and when he going to use all of them? If you like I-phone go and buy one damned the cars are not phones (and interesting more and more people as for simple USABLE phones like the old one)

    You need just one button sport/comfort to set the right setting pre-set by professional.
    You need one setting for the distant guided cruise control
    You need one button for the massage sits and the memory
    Voice activation for the nav system and telephon which is totally accessible technology
    Easy access to the climate control and that is it!
    No one use more then this while driving and I don't see any point of making it so dam complicated?!

    And speaking for Merc, I don't even want to mention how ugly the front grill is! It might suite well for GT but it is damn ugly on C,E and S classes. And the similarity between this models is just awful!!!

    Even if I'm swimming in money the latest Mercedes I could take with open hart is C-class W204 after that all the models are total confection!!!

  4. Like all the comments, all BM looks the same now. This is a mistake….you already make the C-class the baby S class. E class has its own unique identity, cannot follow the S class anymore….I know the front headlamp still keep to the so called E class design, but the overall look, not something you took 2 years to design…..sorry.

  5. Endlich mal ein Video, wo nicht ununterbrochen gequasselt wird über Flaschenhalter oder sonstigem Schei…
    Euer Video ist eine richtige Wohltat. Schöne Bilder vom Auto, auch während der Fahrt und der Landschaft.
    Würde mir völlig reichen.
    Aber nein, sämtliche Autohersteller laden allmählich alle YouTuber und Blogger, die jemals etwas mit dem Thema Auto zu tun hatten, zu sämtlichen Präsentationen ein, die dann unter Dauergerede das neue Fahrzeug "testen".
    Wenn man dann einmal spaßeshalber diesen Benz konfiguriert, fällt man aus allen Wolken, was dieses Auto inzwischen kostet. Natürlich ist im Preis eines jeden Wagens auch die Präsentation/Werbung (nichts anderes sind schließlich diese Videos) enthalten, nicht nur bei Mercedes.
    Und am Ende zahlt der Kunde und nur der Kunde die Rechnung. Die Konzerne verschenken nichts.

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