New BigFoot Footage REAL OR FAKE 8 FEB 2016 watch now

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26 thoughts on “New BigFoot Footage REAL OR FAKE 8 FEB 2016 watch now”

  1. sieriusly dude??? that guy who doesn't want to part with the tooth is and ideot, I mean wouldn't you rather find out where the tooth game from, then keep in as a suvanear???

  2. False and misleading title alert! Can you put anymore ads in your shitty lie of a video!? What you gonna get rich off of someone's else's work? Namely The History Channel's Monster Quest! You suck and lying bastard!

  3. the Fact is Bigfoot is not real. It is fun to think something is out there. but its not. These days with technology and cameras don't you think it  is strange there has never been a real close up picture of one. Why would a bigfoot be afraid of us. I believe it would walk right up to us not run away. ALL BIGFOOT SIGHTINGS ARE FAKE!

  4. The picture of the thing by the feeder is nothing more than a head on shot of a crow flying in towards camera, it caught it as the wings were flapped downward.. this was proven some years ago. I wonder why that shot is still being represented as an ongoing mystery?.I do however believe that we humans know almost nothing about our surroundings, there are many in the know but not us,"we can't handle the truth" such BS

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