New Asus Z270 Boards & 4K HDR Monitor @ CES 2017

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Asus shows off their Designo Curve MX38VQ and ProArt PA32UQ (HDR Quantum Dot + 4K) monitors. Z270 mobo cameos by the Maximus IX Apex, Maximus IX …


22 thoughts on “New Asus Z270 Boards & 4K HDR Monitor @ CES 2017”

  1. I screamed like a little girl when I saw this X99-WS Asus workstation motherboard with 2x 10 gigabit LAN on board. 20 fuckin gigs LAN… You can pipe freakin SSD through this… No need for drive in this machine, everything can be delivered by storage server.

  2. 3:34 A short info at the "M.2 Adapter" it's not an actual RAM slot, so you can't put an extra DDR4 in it.
    It's not just a nice Idea it's actually great! the M.2 SSD will take the lanes of the z270 chipset and not from the CPU lanes, so it will not influence your graphics cards.

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