47 thoughts on “NEW 2017 LUXE LF-38RL | Luxury Fulltime Fifth Wheels | Augusta RV”

  1. this is a nice set up , I enjoy seeing a full size stove/oven , the bathroom shower and toilet …you should see the lay out of the Hartland Big Country, that's a nice layout !

  2. Beautiful floor plan. I like the split bath in the middle of the fiftwheel. The only change I would do since the full pantry is so big, I don't see the need for a second one and I would remove the small one near the refrigerator to allow more counter space and larger drawers underneath.

  3. Beautiful 5'er, interior layout reminds me of my old mobile suites 36, my concerns as I would use it in a rv park about 10% of the time the rest boondocking with solar/inverter/generator would be the keeping cool with the black color, 2nd with my mobile suites I had almost no carrying capacity which I did not realize until blowouts occured, I was a fulltimer for 4 years with the rig. so hopefully their is a couple thousand pounds of capacity. 3rd, personally if I got another 5'er I would get a toyhauler or something close, I was close to buying the HR Next level 32 triple axle as the cc was over 7k! which would have allowed for even 500 gallons of biodiesel,but have never seen anything close to this. But and idea I have thought about for something close to a toyhauler would be a rear door with some room to slide something large in like a motorcycle, bikes, small sailboat 4wheeler while still keeping all the living accoutrements in a non toyhauler 5'er

  4. Frosted glass looks cheap, should have small end tables on both sides of the "new" couch, wasted storage space, don't want to have to walk through the bathroom to get to the bedroom. Cabinets look like "Dunrite" cheap. "Z" frame would have been nice. $70,000 over priced.

  5. Love the natural wood color so much more than white or dark. Would like to see some Bamboo options throughout. Bamboo now comes in many beautiful colors and has several advantages over wood. Perfect for steps, floors, countertops, accents, etc. Please source low-V.O.C. carpet (it doesn't offgas and stink when new, non-toxic) Same with glues and adhesives.

  6. I rather they not split the bathroom and have you walk through the bathroom area to get to the bedroom. Also instead of 1 bathroom, put a second full bath in the living area as well. This will allow for a lot more people using the unit.

  7. There are tons of videos in the internet that give a detailed view of the inside and outside of a motorhome/rv. But what I also want to see is the inside with slides in! In this case for example the big pantry will be locked, imho not very useful.

  8. Dividing up the bath makes an even better floor plan, and the wood works is first class and gives a warm feeling too. The stand up closet is so great – all in all a 100% intelligent and well made product! Thanks a lot from Oslo, Norway 🙂

  9. A window in the toilet would have been nice….just a thought…love all the luxe floorplans my favorite being the white cabinets interior ones with the 2 bathroom (but still wish you had include windows instead of glass backsplash) something possible?

  10. LOVE it.  Nick your a great commentator too!  Some video's I literally mute because they drone on and on.  You were excellent and kept it moving along with having a voice that comes across great on audio.  The RV is the most "home" looking 5th wheel I've seen.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the split bathroom.  Bathroom and shower together is a deal breaker for me.  They must be separated, like in a quality home.  Thank you!!!!!!!!

  11. Awesome floorplan! I prefer the front bathroom design, but still, in this size of an RV, having a bathroom of that size is pretty cool. It looks pretty roomy in there compared to most RV's. Good job!

  12. Nice layout, but not enough room for me on the toilet. I like the idea of combining hallway space with bathroom space. This is very efficient. I would also like it if there was some way to incorporate that in such a way that people do not have a direct view to my messy bed from the living room.

  13. It's beautiful but I do not like that you have to go through the bathroom to get to the bedroom. We had a motorcoach like that. We now have a fifth wheel with a full master bath upstairs and a half bath down stairs. Ours is very pretty just not quite as fancy as that. That one is great except for the bath in the hall. That is what I do not miss about our motorhome.

  14. I'm amazed with all your units, your whiling to work with customers an their needs is great. I'm curious are you restricted to floor plans you may be able to do, being that some maybe copy write. nevertheless love your MD model, with a few personal touch I would have in mind. Ha, someday!! thanks for another great video. Best fifth wheels on the market. Hands Down!

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