27 Replies to “NBA All-Star 2016 – Dunk Elite – Jordan ‘Mission Impossible’ Kilganon”

  1. HAHA very funny. "White men cant jump". That's only said because White people were the only other race to really make in in athletics but were coming up short and they got the stigma. Its not because they cant- its because blacks jumped higher. Its common knowledge Caucasian people are the 2nd most athletic race. BTW only Caucasian (French) men and West Africans (only west African nations) have run the 100M dash in under 10 seconds. Not any Latino and not any Asian. And for strongmen…..White men are the record holders. Kilganon is a freak. Zack Levine, Aaron Gordon and Blake Griffin all have white parents…. what does that say? Just that they have some Caucasian blood.

  2. His last dunk is one of the most awesome dunks I've seen and the crowd didn't go crazy? Notice how all the pro players, managers and coached went crazy because they know that was an insane dunk..

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