21 thoughts on “Natural Hair Methods & Trends We’re Ditching in 2017 (Fun Roasting)”

  1. Omgeeeeeeeeee……. this was hilarious! You need to be on stage hunny. You're not only a Natural hair Diva, you're a Natural Comedienne/Entertainer too! Go for it. What are you waiting on? Create another video with all of your multiple characters and voices and send it out to a few agents and producers….. try Rickey Smiley. See you on the big screen.
    Watched this twice.

  2. Okay, I was a little hurt by some of these things, not gonna lie, but one thing i don't want to see this year is youtubers raving about products then hitting us with the "discount code below: 10%" and the product is like $500. In most cases, you can either make it yourself or find a cheaper alternative.

  3. girllllllll you got a new subscriber!!!! over here trying to find a curl definition but that's not happening, I'm embracing the kinks! You told everything I be thinking!!!

  4. folks need to ditch the one hit big chops videos most ppl ive seen dont even last the natural faze they go right back to a perm
    Why everyone gotta make a Bc video then after that I see inconsistent or no content from said persons on managing their BC they just hide it under wigs
    Anyhow shea moisture products arw over hyped I only use Cantu line way affordable way better and the only oil that moisturizes 4a-4c hair to me is castor oil and virgin olive oil. Folks regime is team too much.
    Youtubbers need to be honest with their reviews in 2017

  5. @nappyfu I must say that wash n gos actually really work for me! I have 4c n 4b hair….it takes less time than twist outs n my hair dosen't tangle! But I think every hair is different…4c hair dosen't mean we all have the SAME hair! u shud check out Taren Guy…he explains how to manage ur wash n go very good!

  6. when naptural85 stopped using coconut oil (she was the coconut oil queen ok????) she noticed her hair started growing in a different texture with more definition, its like to coconut oil was frying her hair before it emerged from the scalp and changing the texture to something type scraggly, when i stopped using coconut oil on my scalp i notice a GREAT difference HOWEVER, when I stretch my hair i DO put coconut oil on the ENDS because coconut oil DOES penetrate the hair strand and give true moisture, but I don't let it touch my scalp anymore under ANY circumstances., in fact, it only touches that last three to five inches of my hair.

  7. Shea moisture is water in a pretty bottle. Makes my hair crispy asf, that shit is overhyped.

    But still. What doesn't work for a natural, works for another natural. You can't side eye on what works for them. There's damn near natural hair products with sulfates, and the same ingredients that are in cleaning supplies that works perfectly for others.

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