My Makeup Collection & Storage // 2016

Hello lovely! Here is my updated makeup collection and storage for the start of 2016 🙂 As I donate my unneeded & unused makeup to women’s refuges and regularly do makeup giveaways on my Instagram for my followers, my collection is not as large as other beauty YouTubers – but it’s the perfect size for me!

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(Some have two i’s… Sorry to be so confusing!)

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● Drawers:
● Dividers:
● Acrylics:

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Danielle Mansutti
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♡ Equipment ♡
Camera used: Canon 70D
Edited on: Final Cut Pro / iMovie
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29 thoughts on “My Makeup Collection & Storage // 2016”

  1. Where are those acrylic drawers from? I had a look at the links but can't seem to find those particular drawers. sorry in advance if its mentioned in the video and i just missed it

  2. It's nice to see a beauty youtuber that doesn't hoard everyyy bit of make-up they've ever been given. Like you still have a huge (and amazing!) collection but you can see you don't keep stuff you know you won't use.

  3. You're such an amazing person, and even after this sudden success, you've managed to stay humble and i love you for that, but my only question is: why tf do you have 3 velvet teddys!? :D

  4. i reaalllyyy like the way you filmed this! so much more efficient and pleasant to sit through compared to some of the other makeup collection videos floating around that are like 25 minutes long! keep up the good work 😛 xxxxxx

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