My Beauty Room Tour 2016 | Diana Saldana

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I listed all the links + names to everything on my blog.

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Video Effects Credit: Gabrielle Marie

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34 thoughts on “My Beauty Room Tour 2016 | Diana Saldana”

  1. Hi you didn't tell us what the name of the table top is. The one you put on top of the Alex drawers. (i don't see it on your blog). LOVE your beauty room though :)

  2. Beautiful! Had to laugh…I notice a lot a you tubers do it though…have bins for product that is new or sent to them by other people…I always think to myself "ahhhh they are still in quarantine" lol

  3. What is the name of the table top u bought separate to put on top of the Alex drawers? U said it was a glossy finish or something but never gave the exact name, just curious because I'm starting to shop around and love yours!❤️❤️❤️

  4. +Diana Saldana. Glad u r sharing your happy place. However, u have no right to ask people to support your dumb vids. How dare u. You aren't hurting for money, honey. Makes me physically sick when people like u ask for money so u can buy more crap. All these expensive high end products in every area of this room, u have over 400,000 subs, and u still want ppl to give u money? DISGUSTING. U need to beg for forgiveness.

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