My Art Supplies 2017

Here’s a video showing the art supplies I’ve been using so far this year. Support my drawings: Art Store: A list of the equipment:…

by LethalChris Drawing

Ever wanted to create something but didn’t know how or were in need of some styling tips that you were unable to find anywhere on the internet? Not anymore! Our team’s experts have only selected the BEST videos to help you out. This video has received 6308 likes.

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34 thoughts on “My Art Supplies 2017”

  1. Hi everyone! Here's a video showing all of the art supplies I've been using over the past year. Really hope this video is helpful. It's taken me a long time to build up this collection and it's taken a lot of trial and error and finding my own personal preferences. It's been extremely fun trying new equipment every now and then, and finding supplies that work with my art style. Thank you so much for supporting my artwork and encouraging me to try all of this stuff. It truly means a lot. Looking forward to testing out more equipment over the next year!
    Thank you so much again! Hope you're having an awesome day. 🙂

  2. I really love art but hate how there isn't really diversity with this. Chris is a very thankful person and saved up for this but I think he should go out of his comfort zone. Artist automatically see the most expensive art supplies and thing "oh well If I get the most expensive stuff its the best alternative" and you can find so much more diversity and cheaper options without buying expensive supplies like the "god" Copics and etc. I'm not trying to offend him specifically I'm just trying to give advice. I hope someone reads this, saiyanara.

  3. Enjoy all this stuff in peace and good health. You surely have the vision and the skills to deserve good tools, and your generosity as an internet teacher makes it all the more fitting that you should have what you love to create your artwork.

  4. I'd absolutely love to see you use chameleon pens for coloring in
    If u dont know what they are search them up on YouTube and there are many good videos
    However they are ridiculously expensive

  5. I wonder why most youtubers use Copic pens/markers, Prismacolor pencils and Micron pens, when there are lots of alternatives that are much cheaper (Staedtler, Uni-Ball, Tombow, Winsor & Newton, Faber Castell (not necessarily cheaper but has a better quality), etc.). I often try different brands and I can't figure out why we should spend more for those three brands in particular, while thinking that art supplies are expensive in general.

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