mophie 2015 Game Day Commercial | “All-Powerless”

When your phone dies, who knows what can happen. mophie. Stay Powerful. Visit to find out how.

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19 thoughts on “mophie 2015 Game Day Commercial | “All-Powerless””

  1. Click on 0:09 The License plate the center numbers read LL 39 BC. The center three numbers are  9 BC which is 9-23! To decode:  A=1 B=2 C=3. So 9 BC = 9 23! Or September 23!  And adding the only numbers left (the first and last) 3 and 8 equal 11.  The number 11 is the number of destruction and judgment and the death of man, according to Illuminati Numerology, as we saw on 9-11.  This of course excludes those who are raptured out! Thank you very much Jesus!

  2. .At 0:04 is a message of the coming rapture.  The scene is  where the lady is sitting on the bed: 0:04 (Please pause the video or replay) She is the unwise (lazy no oil) Virgin. Notice her Electric lampshade light (symbolic of oil lamp) is out and she is yawning. Her Husbands  lamp is lit and he as the "lit lamp"(wise virgin) are "Taken up".  Luke 17:34 I tell you, on that night two people will be in one bed; one will be taken and the other left. His boots and clothing are left at the white chair on the right.  On the bed the the blanket going up (Rising) really weirded me out and I couldn't figure it out. However I now know (thank you Jesus) what it is… are ya ready? The "rising blanket" is symbolic for… the Dead rising first  in the Rapture!!! 1 Thessalonians 4:16 "For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first," … The side-table has a Bible on its lower shelf.  There is a hand mirror at 0:06 in the fore-ground rising up from the dresser.  That will be a fake Rapture, "mirrored" by man and UFOs to calm the masses and explain (lie) about what happened (many disappearing)  and why all of the True Christians are missing.  Here is the best part! The alarm clock Reads 8:47 then purposely turns to 8:48. According to Bible numerology : (click on references below) The 8: means "Godly and new beginnings"!!!* (Sept. 23 will be a New Beginning for us true believers.) The :47 means: "Separating the clean from the unclean"!!! WHOA!!!* (Unclean stay on earth).   The :48 means "Knowing, Seeing and experiencing God"!!! WOW!!!* We will be with Him!!! Wow!  Was this segment of the video message from the Illuminati or a video shown in church? This will preach!   How accurate, amazing, and a encouraging BLESSING!

  3. Hey @mophie I KNOW There is a FULL Version of this commercial. One without the "Disappointed Dude at the end. Can you help me find it? It's kind of a Big Thing to me. Thanks!

  4. Les presento un video donde nos anuncia sobre cambios en el clima, muestran la zarza ardiente refiriéndose de que estos vienen de DIOS, sale caos, anuncia que esto es el fin, vemos los meteoritos caer y el asteroide, también vemos a un personaje al final donde indica que la batería esta agotada, es decir, estamos en el principio del fin del último tiempo. Los animales hacen referencia en el Día de la Expiación 9/23/15. El comercial también ofreció una rueda de rodadura de la fortuna en el fondo, lo que puede ser una referencia al CERN. Así todavía no creen a los mensajes proféticos.
    El video se llama: mophie 2015 Game Day Commercial | “All-Powerless”
    Fuente: Canal Youtube mophie

  5. People say they are mad the government isn't telling us about the asteroid coming; the pole shift coming; the rapture of the church.  Well here it is guys!  This commercial created or inspired by the illuminati; said everything you need to know.  One stop shopping.  But you know what?  99% of the population, including Christians..still don't get it.  They inform people through film, and commercials.  The rooster by the way, crows at the break of dawn.   a.k.a:  the coming of "The Age of Aquarius."  What people think is the age of Aquarius is actually "The Millenium (sp) reign of Christ.

  6. To my people that understands the hidden message in this, just another confirmation. God is colorless, God is an abstract force of nature. However, there is a reason why God is portrayed as black, you folks have no idea what or who you are worshiping as God or who has hijacked your respective religion. God for all matter is black, but not black as in a human of African decent or a hue, but more metaphoric that goes back to antiquity.

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