Monsturd | Full Horror Movie

Kings of Horror presents: Monsturd

Out of the sewers and into your homes! When escaped serial killer Jack Schmitt dies a mysterious death in the city’s sewage treatment plant, deep, dark trouble comes to town. A horrifying accident at a nearby genetic research laboratory results in the bloodthirsty killer’s resurrection and soon, using the county’s sewer system as his underground lair, Schmitt exacts his odious revenge on the frightened townsfolk. This is the thriller that does for toilets what Psycho did for showers. Come along if you dare.

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26 thoughts on “Monsturd | Full Horror Movie”

  1. i thought i was one of the very few twisted minded people who enjoy these bad b horror movies but kings of horror you guys are right up there downloading these great movies for us few twisted people for that i thank you for being a little twisted too and keep us entertained thanks again keep it up

  2. shit monster and speak eat shit , no shit that fucking cool. ok i enjoy this movie and may be shit monster is the most evil monster :))

  3. this was enough to make anyone's life septic. i loved how the agent carried all the flies in a pet taxi. the inmate's name is schmitt. of course. even though this film is way a head of it's time, i'll bet the producers were glad to get it in the can. i suspect mr. whipple would be offended.

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