monkey with strangers 2016 – Baby monkeys playing 2016

adorable baby monkey , Cute and funny baby of chimpanzee , cute , Baby monkeys playingchained monkey mother tongue as the , monkey with strangers 2016, Chimpanzee Kid “Hjördis” live today with a chimpanzee family on “Öland’s Djurpark” in Sweden in a rescue rangers for chimpanzees. Thanks to its highly skilled staff at the zoo rescued “Hjördis” from his mother who was about to kill her so can Hjördis currently live today.
Copyright and production photographer Anders Sjögren Kalma
This adorable baby chimpanzee is known as “Mr. Survivor” because he had a rough start in life. Thanks to the TLC he’s getting at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Uganda, he’s going to make it. He’s getting stronger (and cuter!) every day. Here, he’s enjoying his lunch time bottle so much, he almost nods off to sleep
Már korábban bejelentettük, hogy a szeptember 4-én született, de egy héttel később az anyaállat betegsége miatt sajnos elárvult orangután kölyköt mesterségesen nevelik munkatársaink. Mivel a kicsinek a legtökéletesebb nyugalomra volt szüksége, az elmúlt hetekben az orangutánokkal foglalkozó gondozókon, illetve az állatorvosokon kívül senki nem láthatta az apróságot. A mostanra már több mint másfél Western lowland gorilla Nayembi, who was injured in February, is thriving under 24-hour care by Lincoln Park Zoo animal care staff and will soon be reunited with her troop. The six-month-old gorilla is trying new foods, exploring her enclosure, and getting lessons in how to act like an ape.


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  1. you need to quit your lying you don't even know what kind of monkey you have there you moron!!! how frustrating for those who really care. It is NOT hard to see you don't know jack from a hole in the ground……Thank your god I am NOT GOD if I was you would be a greasy spot in the road for what your doing to these monkeys.

  2. I wish we could get the right info for this video. I wonder why they have that adult chained up. It obviously is upset and not happy so I doubt its a pet. I don't know why people chain up these monkeys when they don't even want them. why not just let them be.

  3. This is so wrong they chained the mother and took away her baby… This is disgusting she was screaming for her child and the baby needs her mother…This is no rescue.. If this is a zoo they should be closed down… The description of this video is all lies, and despicable!!!!!! These are not Chimpanzee's you idiot!!

  4. That baby is a beautiful little monkey, however, it looked like he had a sort of, shall we say 'disturbing' habit! That one on the chain scared me…they say if you are scared get in my pocket, well if I were there, I would be in the first pocket I could find!! That one was scary!

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