32 thoughts on “MIT Commencement Speaker Matt Damon”

  1. Bovine incomprehension of physics and math makes a world-renowned opinionator on global climate trends. THIS brings looters like Damon and buffoons like Trump onstage in an antilibertarian society

  2. Well, he is right about the bankers…bankers are lowlife scum sucking parasites false pathetic shallow limp weak sponging thieving boring dull inept self absorbed INSECURE unsuccessful, the only way they can get anything valuable in life is to buy it because nobody wants to know them otherwise sad sad sad individuals

  3. It is difficult to imagine that MIT selected this guy as their keynote speaker. He is a hopeless and sad example of what the new generation consider their leader and idol as some of the others who barely can spell their names of write a check for themselves. Another member of a gallery of losers who may not be running for office but then again probably never even vote. The only part he got right in his speech was questioning how he was selected to be there for the speech itself. Pretty sad state of affairs for MIT to pick such a great orator for this important role. The question is "What were you thinking??????????"

  4. Dear Matt!
    You said: "I don't give a sh.t about the audience". I saw the interview.
    You sold yourself to the Arabs for 2 million dollars.
    Now you claim to be a patriot.
    You don't pay taxes, but pretend to be an honest citizen.
    Politics is obviously not your thing…come to think of it….neither is acting.
    "Demon" suits you better than Damon.

  5. I'm a big Matt Damon fan and I agree with a lot of the stuff he talks about, but I don't get how he can say this about bankers and not see how wrong he is. He supports Hillary Clinton, who takes major
    contributions/money from Wall Street, especially Goldman Sachs. How does that work?

  6. If all those MIT students are really so smart, do they understand the non-aggression principle? I bet the majority of them don't understand that you don't steal from others, even if you do it through voting or some fancy ritual or process. Do they understand that government is the problem, that government is just a gang of people stealing from people and bossing them around? Do they or Matt understand that the presidents are just puppets to the bankers? Do they understand that if 99 of your 100 neighbors votes to take your car, that it is still theft? Do they think that if a robber steals your car, and then gives you a sandwich that you didn't want, that the robber is somehow "serving" you and "represents" you? How many of them would fail the Milgram test? Do they understand that an MIT education is free, that they just paid for a piece of paper? It is laughable the guys sitting behind Damon with all the fancy robes on… is it Halloween?…and what have they learned? Einstein's theory of relativity, or some variation of quantum theory? Both of those theories are proving to be wrong, and mostly just math, not physics, and not even correct math. Have they read any of Stephen Crothers work on how Einstein fudged his numbers? As for Matt Damon quoting the presidential puppet, how about not bossing other people around and telling them what to do at gunpoint… how about letting your neighbor own himself… if everyone treats everyone else as if they own themselves, there will be no need to rob and control people through government.
    Damon is just scratching the surface on the bankers, as he is still quoting the "president" and yet doesn't seem to understand that "all wars are bankers wars".. have any of these students ever heard the term "false flag"? Just what have they learned? I would hire someone who can get things done over someone who waits in line to get a pedigree, any day of the week. They should just have these kids pranced around in a circle on a leash, and have some judge size them up, like they do at all dog shows… very sad, if this is supposed to be the worlds smartest. Jeff Hawkins didn't get in MIT, as their AI department was backwards, and Hawkins was better off.. they told him that he didn't need to know anything about brains! That just about sums up MIT. Intelligence can't be measured with a ruler… intelligence finds a way, and doesn't need extraneous institutions.
    Why didn't Damon quote the NSA lines from Good Will Hunting?
    Why is Damon saying there are so many problems in the world that need solving, and yet he seems to ignore the root problem, which is to just not rob and control your neighbors, no matter what fancy ceremony you perform, or how many people agree to the robbery or the extortion.

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