Middle East Current Events Update, Nov. 20, 2017

Amir’s update from Croatia on Middle East current events and Bible prophecy. He addresses Israel and Saudi cooperation, Iran, the peace process and much …

by Behold Israel

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29 thoughts on “Middle East Current Events Update, Nov. 20, 2017”

  1. Hi Amir, don't know if you felt it but at approx 1:15 seconds into this vid you had a white glow come from your right side across the front of your shoulders and up the left of you. I wonder if you felt presence as you were talking about your brothers wedding. I bring this up because I've been seeing so much of it recently. I do hope that others start to watch for it. I believe that it is a sign from the Holy Spirit.

  2. Thank you Amir. You have opened my heart to Jesus and the word of God. My journey to find Jesus came from a world that was without God. In fact, I’ve been looking at world events knowing the world is broken but without the word of God in my life. Your presentation on world government within the bible tied in with my knowledge of Satan’s work.. ..and the penny finally dropped! …I have sinned, and Jesus has saved my soul through his sacrifice for mankind. I love how beautifully the bible is written. It lifts my heart, makes me grow and lifts me from evil. Thank you Amir. My journey with Christ and the father are well underway. Jesus is my Lord and saviour. Bless you Amir, my brother. I look forward to when we meet; either here on earth or up in the clouds with Jesus. Sincere thanks – Kevin – Watchman from Wales.

  3. Brother Amir, I am watchmen in North Carolina USA, praying God, Grace, Mercies and Strength for you as you declare His Word & Work Thank you for your faithfulness, in speaking God true. Your Sister in Christ Jesus, Lord of Lords, King of Kings soon to return Reigning Forever and ever Amen. Barbara

  4. My knowledge of future events has been vastly improved since I began listening to
    and reading your updates, Amir. God has truly blessed me since the death of my husband in 2014, and my subsequent move to Quebec. I have few people to whom I can talk re God's plan and the present conditions. Thank you so much that you are being obedient to God's call on your life!
    Your teachings help to keep my 80 year old brain alert.!
    At present two of my close friends are on your tour in Israel and that makes me SO happy.
    May God bless you and your family as you are all in this together! Praying for you, Pauline
    A watchman from Sherbrooke, Quebec.

  5. JESUS say's Israeli war, late November 2017,, Damascus Nuked, EMP weapons used against America early December 2017, North Korea is patsy, Sydney Asteroid & Huge Tsunami just before Christmas December 2017. christiangatheringcom

  6. Israel is at peace with all its neighbours..problem is there enemies neighbours wont let them live in peace..if trump was any way a true Christian he would have said to Palestinians look leave Israel alone or we will wipe you out..or Israel will do it.. so what do you want..we all no these so called Palestinians are entitled to nothing of the land of Israel or to treating Israel Israel has the power if Israel obeyed torah as torah says wipe them all out and occupy the land…whatever happens Israel will have no peace ..true peace comes as we know when Israel or people make peace with God,,,then god as he says will deal with those enemies…I could say much more…all I know is moses Joshua Gideon etc david,,did not ask anyones permission to do the will of God…trusting men or man ends in ffutile…shalom may god God count us all worthy of our calling..the true king and kingdom is coming…

  7. Amir, you made some comments on Donald Trump in this video that troubled me. Although I recognize that God may use him in relation to Israel, you seem to imply that you endorse his character and that the media is trying to unseat him. I hope you know he lies most of the time and there is proof of this. I respect your work greatly but you need to be impartial in your judgements.

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